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Simply click on the Sign Up button and enter your Name and Password 


Create A Profile 

When you are logged in, click the My Details button and fill in your personal information


NB: We need these details before you can list your car or request a booking.


Before You Book A Car

Once you have filled out your personal information you must supply us with a DVLA Check Code before you request your first car. It takes 30 seconds and we only need these codes every 6 months. You can get your code HERE. You must also have entered your payment details in the My Payment tab of your account. 


List Your Car

Go to the My Car tab in your account and enter your registration number and postcode. HiyaCar will confirm your car matches our criteria (under 8 years old and up to insurance group 44) and return a suggested rental price that you can change at anytime.  Follow the steps, adding pictures, a description of the car and the availability. Click the Publish button and your car will show up in all the relevant search results. 




Insurance & Tickets

Our insurance policy with Axa will supersede the car sharers policy for the duration of the hire. If there is any damage for example the car is covered by our policy and your personal policy will not be affected. For drivers hiring a car, the insurance premium is calculated per individual and displayed clearly at the checkout. The premium is added on top of the hire fee. 

Speeding & Parking tickets are the responsibility of the driver and wont affect the car sharer at all.



Payment is taken from the hirer when the car sharer confirms a booking and HiyaCar pay the sharer the Friday after the rental is successfully completed. 


Car Driver Criteria