The Hiyacar platform - 5 years of development

Today marks 5 years to the day since the first lines of code were written for the current Hiyacar platform. Around 7 months later this was launched after a long night of data migration and last minute bugfixes. It was such a busy night I can’t find any sign of me posting about, but here’s something from one year later:

Lets take a look at some stats over this 5 years of development. Starting with some high level stats:

Number of code commits 1 — 8,198
Number of files created or modified — 24,081
Number of lines of code changed 2 — 1,524,231

Over 1.5 million line changes over 5 years. That’s nearly 800 lines changed per day on average!

How has the total number of lines of code in the platform (ignoring blank lines and comments) changed over this time:

Hiyacar platform - lines of code over time

Wowzer! We’re up to almost 100,000 lines of code. Not too shabby. When was all this work done, how about which days of the week:

Hiyacar platform - commits by weekday

No surprises here with the vast majority of the code commits occur during the week, with Mondays being generally slower days (because of catching up from the weekend activities!). Interestingly Wednesday seems to be the most productive weekday. How about hours of the day:

Hiyacar platform - commits by hour

Again no huge surprises here with the bulk of the code changes happening within office hours, but there is a noticable number happening later in the evening.

Charts of stats are always great, but you know what’s greater… Video, that’s what. Here’s what this 5 years of development looks like with each second representing two weeks of code changes.

The last 5 years have been quite the rollercoaster but our small, passionate, committed team has done an incredible job of building the Hiyacar platform in to what it is today. Here’s to the next 5 years 🎉

  1. What is a code commit? 

  2. This is the sum of 864,890 insertions and 659,341 deletions. 

Marc Roberts

Marc Roberts

Chief Technology Officer at Hiyacar

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