10 Easy Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money

10 Easy Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money

Whether you’re great at helping others learn new languages or skills, or you’re good at picking up on grammar errors… perhaps you fancy yourself as an actor or maybe have some great web design skills… there’s a side hustle for you! From taking on quick freelance gigs, to working on longer-term upcycling projects, or sharing out your car with minimal effort, we’ve put together a list of 10 ‘easy’ side hustle ideas for you to try out!

The ongoing Cost of Living Crisis has got us all searching for quick and easy ways to make a little extra cash and these side hustles, provided you have a bit of prior knowledge, (or assets - i.e for car sharing or hosting a class or experience in your space via Airbnb experiences), can be just that!

Online tutoring - school subjects, languages, music and more

Have a skill you can monetise by teaching it to others? Perhaps you’re a pro with languages, maybe you’re a whizz at maths or great at guitar… believe us when we say, there’s someone looking to pay to acquire that knowledge!

For those wanting to share their musical talents - head to Tutorful to Preply. These sites are just a couple of the many that facilitate online music lessons! It’s simple to get started, just set some competitive rates, share your availability and get tutoring!

Those that excelled academically and want to help others do so too, there are plenty of students looking to ace their upcoming exams. Websites such as MyTutor and theProfs make GCSE and A Level subject tutoring simple.

Great with languages? Though this may require an additional certificate to sign up to some sites, i.e a TEFL certificate, if tutoring English, there’s no shortage of people looking to learn a new language! Sites such as italki and Lingoda are great sites to try your hand at tutoring!

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Create websites for local businesses

Ever been annoyed trying to find out more about a local business and they just have no online presence? Perhaps you wanted to show a friend one of their products but can’t find anything on their website or it hasn’t been updated in years? They may be interested in hiring a web designer to make the move online, but don’t know where to find one or where to start.

Head to your local town/city/London borough Facebook groups or other localised apps/websites such as Nextdoor, to advertise your services, or reach out directly to the business if they have a social media profile - with examples of some of the sites you’ve previously worked on.

Extras work

The silver screen calls! Ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes of the tv and film industry? Want some great anecdotes to tell friends, all (of course) whilst making money? Extras work may be the way to go!

Of course, for this you’ll need occasional access to a car, as some of the shooting locations may be in the countryside or areas hard to reach by public transport. If you don’t have your own method of transport - Hiyacar offers a great solution! If you’re keen on getting to those out-of-the-way film shoots, hire a deposit-free, subscription-free vehicle, from just £28 a day - with cars across the UK!

Extras work can be a great, easy (though bear in mind the shoots can often be long, or at night) side hustle, allowing you to see the ins and outs of your favourite shows… or soon to be favourite shows, if they’re not out yet!

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Dog walking and pet sitting

If you’re an animal lover and have some spare time on your hands, this may be the side hustle for you! Team Cat? Head to Cat in a Flat to become a cat sitter and get paid to play with feline friends. Team Dog? Through Rover you can make some extra cash by providing temporary board for local dogs, walking them or house sitting for those who’ve gone on holiday but whose dog has had to stay behind.

A great side hustle that can fit around your main job if you WFH, as you could dog walk on your morning, lunch, or afternoon break, or if you work flexible hours, as you could make your main and side hustle fit around each other.

Share your car on Hiyacar

Have a car? Don’t use it as often as you’d like and hate to see it sitting unused on the driveway? Your motor could be making you money whilst you’re not using it! Sharing your car through Hiyacar is a great hassle-free way of making extra money, with minimal effort from yourself; besides keeping the car clean ahead of hires.

The money you can make sharing your car as your side hustle is dependent on your location, the availability of your vehicle for hire, and whether you make the most of features such as Hiyacar’s easily-installed QuickStart keyless access technology (meaning no in-person key handovers necessary!).

Car sharing is a great, easy income stream and if you keep your calendar up-to-date, turn on the Instant Book feature and get QuickStart keyless car access technology installed, it requires minimal effort from you.

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Upcycling - furniture and clothing

Ever see pieces in stores, whether furniture or fashion, and think ‘if it just was this colour, or with this fabric, it’d be worth a fortune…’. Often it’s not just you looking for custom pieces and if you have the know-how, whether in textiles or with woodwork, then you could be making extra cash turning secondhand furniture or vintage fashion, into someone’s idea of a masterpiece!

For furniture upcycling, a great place to start is checking out secondhand sites such as eBay or Gumtree or free sites such as TrashNothing and Freecycle, to see what locals are giving away for free - someone else’s trash might make for an upcycled treasure!

For clothing upcycling, eBay, Vinted, second hand stores and vintage stores are great places to start. Find a reasonably priced garment with lots of wear left in it and dream up all whole host of possibilities with it. If you’re a whizz with a sewing machine then this is the side hustle for you! There’s plenty of people after one-off, unique garments in these social media days so sell them via social, or secondhand selling sites!

Become a Mystery Shopper

From upcycling, to shopping for the sake of shopping… well, that is, to review the shops, the staff and the service provided. If you’re a shopping lover, this could be the side hustle for you! Companies such as Tern, and Market Force allow you to go ‘undercover’ and review the experience of shopping in different stores, so they can gauge the level of customer service provided, and you’re rewarded for your time!

This can also be a great way to discover new brands, restaurants and products that you didn’t realise existed… all whilst getting paid, of course.

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Blogging and vlogging

Known for your way with words? Always up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion, tech, beauty, travel and more? Try starting your own blog or vlog! Whether you start out on apps such as Tiktok or Instagram, or go straight to a written blog, these can be great ways of making passive income (once your initial push to a certain traffic/follower count is achieved).

For written blogs, you can monetise with ads, sponsored posts and affiliate links. For vlogging via Social Media channels, you can get paid to post ads for brands, receive affiliate commission and more! There’s a niche for everything these days, so don’t feel limited to the regular blog types of travel, fashion, tech or beauty! The vlogging world really is your oyster.

Proofreading and copywriting

Like the above side hustle idea, if you’re leaning towards the written blog side of blogging/vlogging, then why not branch out and do some proofreading or copywriting?

Try charging to guest blog on interest-type blogs, e.g. if you have a wealth of knowledge about travel, sustainable living or fitness then reach out to blogs about these topics offering your services as a guest blogger - they get content and you get paid! Check out sites such as Fiverr for freelance content writer or proofreading gigs or reach out to blogs you’ve enjoyed reading in the past to see if they pay for content.

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Host an Airbnb Experience

Last, but not least… have a fascinating, niche or trendy hobby and want to make a little extra cash from it? Maybe you’re an illustrator, sculptor, singer, or photographer (to name just a few), try creating an Airbnb Experience to make some extra cash from teaching your passion to others.

If you know your way around the local area, know some interesting historical facts about it or have a passion for local eateries, why not give guided tours, or even culinary tours, to visitors to your area? All sorts of Airbnb experiences are offered, from cooking classes hosted in your own home to open mic nights co-hosted with a friend, to taking engagement photos and much, much, more.

Inspired? Check out more ideas on how to manage the cost of living crisis, or read up on some easy ways to make money with what you already own.

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Charlotte Pick

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