Why HiyaCar?

When you rent a car with HiyaCar, you’ll get the exact car you’ve selected from a range of makes and models, all conveniently located nearby, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional car rental companies.

This is car hire from the community, for the community.

Get on the road quicker

Our UK-based customer team can get your licence verified in minutes, so you can book and go quickly and without hassle.

Insurance made simple

Comprehensive cover with our exclusive AXA policy. Starting from just £6 per day, insurance has never been this friendly.

Keyless tech

No need to pick up keys. Look out for the Keyless symbol to book cars you can unlock and start just using your smartphone.

You’re In Safe Hands

We've got you covered on the roads with AXA insurance and AA Roadside Assistance.

What our members say

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