How does it work with hiyacar?


1. Create an account

Before renting a car you will need to register here (for free) and fully complete your profile, including adding a profile picture, uploading your licence information and submitting a DVLA check code if you have a UK licence.

2. Search for a car

Enter your location and your ideal pick up and drop off times and dates. You will see all the cars in your area available for car sharing and also be able to filter by transmission and vehicle type.

3. Make a booking request

Select the car of your choice, see the total amount payable (rental fee, insurance and booking fee) and enter your payment details at the checkout. You will need to wait for the owner to confirm the booking unless you are booking a QuickStart® car.

4. Picking up the car

Meet the owner at the address provided, open the app and go to your booking to confirm the condition of the car, mileage and fuel level. Once you are happy, tap confirm, get the keys and enjoy your hiyacar experience.

5. Returning the car

Return the car at the agreed time. If you feel you will be late then please contact the owner and hiyacar to extend the booking and the insurance. Open the booking in your app to take new pictures of the car’s condition and return the key to the owner.

6. Leave a review

To help us monitor our community it is important that you leave a review of the owner and their car.


1. List your car

Enter your licence plate on the List Your Car page to see if your car is eligible and to get an immediate suggested price (you can change this price). Proceed by clicking Confirm and complete the steps such as uploading images and setting your car’s availability.

2. Receiving rental requests

Your car will appear in search results based on your location and availability. Requests will be sent to you via the app, SMS and email. Respond quickly by accepting or declining in a timely fashion to give our hirers the best experience.

3. Key Handover

If your car does not have our QuickStart® technology installed then you will need to be present at your car at the time of the hire. You can then confirm the condition of the car with the hirer and hand over the key.

4. Receiving the car back

If your car does not have QuickStart® then the hirer will return the car to you where you can evaluate its condition and receive the keys back.

5. Leave a review

To help us monitor our community it is important that you leave a review of the driver.

6. Get paid

Payments are processed automatically after the completion of the hire. Please make sure you've added your bank account details and ID (driving licence).