Earn money with hiyacar’s peer to peer car sharing network

Why let your car just sit there doing nothing? Earn up to £800 a month by letting people rent your car when you don’t need it. Then get it back right where you left it.

Make the most of your car

Put a keyless hiya sticker in your car's window (we’ll install a QuickStart® box in the dash), and you don't need to make time to hand over the keys. Set your price, and start earning.

Stay in control

Using our QuickStart® box, you never have to hand over keys, and we keep an eye on drivers via our GPS-enabled QuickStart® box. All hiya drivers are vetted and DVLA-verified.

Set your own price

You set your own price, and get paid directly via the app. Our free iPhone and Android app lets you keep track of who's driving your car, and how much you've earned.

Say hiya to our keyless car sharing app

Get ready to earn up to £800 a month with our keyless iPhone and Android app. Download our car sharing app now, enter your details, and we’ll connect you with people who want to hire your car.

Start earning right now

We’ll visit your house, collect a spare key fob, and use it to create your own unique QuickStart® box. We’ll install it free within two weeks, so you can put your car to work.

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