How it works

Hiyacar is a technology company first and foremost. We provide the in-car hardware, market-leading booking platform and bespoke insurance to make vehicles shareable; whether they are cars that we manage, cars that you manage, or cars owned and managed by members of the community. 

The choices of pricing structure and access levels for multiple user groups provide an effective transport solution for your organisation.

Please choose the plan below that best describes your needs, or contact us to speak to the team directly.

Additional revenue stream & cost savings

Reduced emissions

More efficient use of assets

How it works for business

Take back control of your fleet operations by leveraging our booking platform for staff through the week, and monetise your vehicle's downtime on a weekend.

Pool car

Powered by hiyacar


See vehicle locations at all times

View vehicle status remotely. e.g Fuel, Service & Error lights

Split payments between multiple cost centres

Customisable usage reporting


in the community

Monetise vehicle idle time

Property developers

Meet your S106 obligations and see a return on your investment, no S106? See the benefits of adding a car club to your development

Freeing up parking spaces

CoMoUK estimates for each new car club car, 4 parking spaces are no longer required which allows more space to build more units or unlock planning potential when planning permission otherwise may not be granted

Reduced costs of living

The true costs of owning a car are under-estimated by owners. Car club users can make significant savings when switching from private ownership allowing them to spend more on their property

Attractive to residents

People living in urban areas often don't want the hassle of owning a car. Car clubs can be a valuable sales tools for the development

Environmental benefits

Improved air quality, reduced particulate & CO2 emissions through the use of hybrid or electric vehicles

Health Benefits

According to CoMoUK 2019 survey, members walked 16% more, cycled 10% more and used their cars 26% less

Package options

All our solutions are made to fit your needs, don't see what you want below? Get in touch and we can build to your specification.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Sharing cars through hiyacar reduces the number of cars on the road. Fewer cars on the road means less congestion, less CO2 emissions and less air pollution.

Hiyacar support the adoption of low-carbon and zero carbon technology through providing access to petrol/electric hybrid and electric vehicles.

The emissions created during the manufacturing process can match or even exceed exhaust emissions over a car’s lifetime. By sharing existing cars we can reduce the number of cars that need to be manufactured.

Hiyacar is reducing its impact on the environment, by teaming up with Trees for Cities in an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint.

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