Happy to lend your car to your friends from time to time but don’t want to jeopardise your insurance in case of an accident? That happens a lot, doesn’t it? We completely understand you might not want to add them to your own insurance policy, so we came up with a flexible temporary car insurance product for situations just like that - with mates rates you can lend your car to your friends or family without charging them (or offering them cheaper rates - entirely up to you!), but still have peace of mind that your car is protected.

How does mates rates work?

  1. Sign up & list your car in just a few clicks. It's free and very easy. You can do so using our web or app.

  2. Once your car is published, you can create as many mates rates discount codes as you like. Go to ‘My cars’ - ‘Promote’ tab.

  3. Send the code to whoever you wish, share it via email or on your social networks.

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