How it works

Hiyacar empowers you to offer shared vehicles with your residents and the wider community (if you so wish), with flexible packages and variable rates available for user groups of your choice.

Whether you opt to deploy hiyacar technology into your own vehicles or contract us to provide the fleet for you, our Quickstart technology provides keyless access for bookings from 1 hour up to several days and is optimised to integrate seamlessly across vehicle types, including hybrid and electric vehicles.

We provide everything you need to get your car club up and running, with a flexible revenue-share structure to reduce your initial outlay and provide a stable source of revenue to your business.

Packages Available

Tech only

Hardware & software to make your own vehicles sharable


Your vehicles made sharable + cleaning & maintenance

Fully managed

Vehicles, tech & maintenance provided

Always included

Market-leading (90-second) customer validation process

Comprehensive booking platform, customer services line and marketing support

Bespoke insurance cover for each customer

Flexible options

Pre-paid driving credit bundles for your residents

Open / closed access to vehicles for wider community with customised rates per user group

White-labelled solution; app, collateral & cars in your branding

Want to know more?

From fixed-monthly fees to revenue-share models, we can provide total flexibility to suit the needs of your development and budget.

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Freeing up parking spaces

CoMoUK estimates for each new car club cat, 4 parking spaces are no longer required which allows more space to build more units or unlock planning potential when planning permissions may not be granted.

Reduces costs of living

The true costs of owning a car are under-estimated by owners. Car club users can amke significant savings when switching from private ownership allowing them to spend more on their property

Attractive to residents

People living in urban areas often don't want the hassle of owning a car. Car clubs can be a valuable sales tool for the development

Environmental benefits

Improved air quality, reduced particulate & CO2 emissions through the use of hybrid or electric vehicles

Health Benefits

According to CoMoUK 2019 survey, members walked 16% more, cycled 10% more and used their cars 26% less