5 ways to Monetize Your Motor 🚗

5 ways to Monetize Your Motor 🚗

Car sharing is for the most part, an overlooked, yet simple and easy way to earn passive income! Just look out your window at your driveway or at your car parked on-street… see that? That car you’re not using so often anymore, thanks to working remotely, could be being driven around by members of your local community, and earning you cash!  

Through the Hiyacar platform, monetizing your motor is easy. First, check out if your vehicle meets our car criteria - it does?! That’s great, then you can get listing your vehicle! Next step, check out our top 5 tips below, on how to make the most of your listing and maximise that extra cash you could be earning with your vehicle in the not-so-distant future!

The key to maximising your earnings with your vehicle on Hiyacar, is by showing just how brilliant your car is (we’ll tell you how, below). One of the top ways to maximise your bookings (and thus, maximise your earnings) is to gain good reviews on your listing! These are achieved a number of ways, but key to keeping your drivers happy is through prompt and polite responses, keeping your vehicle clean and tidy and parked where advertised.

These are our top 5 tips for maximising your earnings when renting out your car with Hiyacar

1. Love your car? Let potential drivers know why!

EWe know that every Hiyacar Owner is proud of their car, that’s why they’re happy to let others use it, because they want to share that great experience of driving it, with others!

Let potential drivers know what the perks of driving your car are, all the good bits are great to share, whether you think it’s of consequence or not - something different matters to each driver! That amazing sound system may be exactly what a local driver is looking for, for when they hire your car for a weekend getaway, that extra large boot may be perfect for your neighbour whose planning a big IKEA trip or even mention if your car is equipped with Sat-Nav, as a local driver may be looking for that, for their journey somewhere new!

Make potential car sharers love your car as much as you do by filling out your car’s profile page — and doing it well.

2. Get your local community, neighbours or social circle involved!

Tell everyone about your Hiyacar, make use of our Mates Rates and let your friends drive it too, for free *service charge and insurance fee still applicable (or for a fee - it’s up to you). Or, let your neighbours know you have a car on our platform that they could borrow - perhaps pop some leaflets through their doors or just get chatting!

Social media is always a great way to get talking about the car that you’re sharing - why not post about it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they’re essentially free advertising for you. Check out local Facebook groups, or if you’re a hashtag-wiz then get posting some fabulous photos of your car and get the interest growing!

Generating interest in your car will help you increase potential earnings with your car - you could even get creative and make a little sign to put in your window when the car is parked, to let people know how car sharing with Hiyacar works. Or, of course, opt for some Hiyacar car stickers so people know where to find your listing!

Be Lovely

3. Bring adventure into the mix!

Cars on Hiyacar are taken on all sorts of adventures, and a great way to maximise your earnings on your car, is to get potential drivers’ minds racing, thinking about where they could go in it! Whether you’ve had fabulous past trips in your car to Cornwall, or you’ve taken your trusty motor to festivals… perhaps taken your family to see Stonehenge or whether you’ve already had a couple of fantastic stories from past drivers… get talking about them!

Potential drivers love to be given ideas on where to go… mention the Cotswolds or a trip to Edinbgrugh and they might never have thought of getting there by car, but now they know it’s possible, and easy… why wouldn’t they take the trip?!

4. Keep your Hiyacar clean and communicate!

This goes without saying… who wants to rent a car that doesn’t look loved? Muddy seats? We think not! Cars love to be clean, shiny and tidy. Make sure your car is mud-free and smelling like roses ready for drivers - if a potential driver walks past and sees your car not looking its best, they may go with another listing nearby!

Drivers will also notice the care you’ve taken of your vehicle (and will hopefully tell others in their lovely review). A large number of cars are rented on Hiyacar to take to weddings… would you want to turn up at your best friend’s wedding in a dirty car? The cleaner the car, the happier the driver!

Another point that goes without saying, make sure to communicate with the driver who is renting your car, replying to any queries they may have, as quickly and as accurately as possible! Put yourself in their shoes, renting a car you’re not used to may seem daunting, and they may need a couple of details from you to make their rental run smoothly, so be kind and communicate! Prompt and polite responses are key - drivers want to rent cars from people they know are reliable. Wouldn’t you?

5. Live in an apartment block? Get the word out in your building!

Following on from our second point in this list, if you live in a large apartment building, why not let people know you have a car available for people in the building to rent? They’ll likely have seen it before, or know where it’s parked and it will definitely be useful for them, knowing that if they have a problem, they could come chat about it, or they may just be interested in chatting more about how the platform works! 

Consider posting about your listing Nextdoor group, or your building’s whatsapp, and make sure word is out there!

Be Lovely

Currently a Hiyacar owner and wanting to chat with other owners? Check out our private Hiyacar Owners Facebook group for that!

Is your car being rented and need to go somewhere? Or interested in seeing what life is like from the drivers’ point of view? Find other cars near you.

Charlotte Pick

Charlotte Pick

Marketing Executive at Hiyacar

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