5 Reasons Why Sharing Your Car with Hiyacar is Stress Free

5 Reasons Why Sharing Your Car with Hiyacar is Stress Free

You’ve got a car, great. You’re not using it as much as you used to and you’re after some extra cash from it whilst it’s lying idle when you’re WFH. We’re off to a great start. You’ve been toying with the idea of sharing your car but you’re worried it’ll be a lot of hassle… that’s why Hiyacar has spent the last 5 years, since we began operating in 2016, making sure that sharing your car out is stress free!

Here’s how we’ve managed to make peer-to-peer car sharing run smoothly, be convenient for both Hiyacar Owners and drivers, and most important of all, be a safe and stress free experience…

1. Bespoke Car Sharing Insurance

Our bespoke car sharing insurance is second-to-none! Insurance is included in bookings, meaning you and your drivers are covered. Our insurance policy supersedes your own insurance policy during rentals of your car, meaning that in case of damage or the event of an accident whilst your car is being rented out, your insurance will not be affected. Read more about how our insurance policy works and what is and isn’t covered by our bespoke car sharing insurance.

2. Only vetted, verified drivers get behind the wheel

At Hiyacar, we make certain, through several automated checks, that firstly only vetted drivers are a part of our community, and secondly that the identity of the person unlocking and driving off in your vehicle, is further confirmed to be that of the person that requested your car. You can rest assured that your car will only be shared with drivers who have passed our driver verification checks. 

If you have QuickStart installed, we make sure that your car is only unlocked and driven by the person that requested it. This is made certain through an automated driver verification check via our Hiyacar app, at the point of the driver’s request to unlock your car via our app, prior to beginning their rental. 

We’ve made sure that sharing your car on Hiyacar is stress free by firstly setting member criteria that must be met in order to become verified to hire cars through our platform - including requirements such as, drivers needing to be at least 23 years old, with 2 years of driving experience (if they are 25 or over they only need to have 1 year of driving experience). We also require drivers to be UK residents.

3. QuickStart and Instant Book mean convenient contactless key-free rentals

Another way Hiyacar has worked to make sharing your car stress free, is taking away the need for in-person key handovers, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if you have a busy schedule. We have a solution to this method - our easily-installed, easy-to-use app-based car unlocking technology, QuickStart!

Once QuickStart is installed, your car is available to be instant booked, meaning you don’t have to consult your diary or be around when it’s being picked up! We even know where your car is located with this technology  installed. All you’ll need to do is manage your car’s availability calendar, and QuickStart and Instant Book take care of the rest, meaning you can get on with your daily life, whilst your car is out making you money!

4. We provide you with the tools you need to maximise your bookings

Whether it be an Owners pack full of leaflets to post through neighbours’ doors, letting them know you have a car available to be rented out, or stickers to put on your car to let your car do the talking to potential drivers passing by, we have the promotional tools you need. 

We offer easily-shareable referral codes, that can be posted on your social media channels, to get the word out there. We have even (with more in the works) created location-specific car hire Facebook groups for you to post about your car or a group where you can chat with other Hiyacar Owners

5. Share your car with local drivers

Hiyacar offers peer-to-peer car sharing on a local level, offering drivers a car when and where they need one, with most drivers renting a car nearby to where they live. Meaning, your drivers likely all live locally and with a high percentage of repeat bookings for a large number of Hiyacar Owners, means your car will likely be in the hands of a lovely driver from just around the corner, who you’ve had a good experience with over and over. Perhaps you’ll even become friends! 

Hiyacar also makes sharing your car with your friends and family stress free, with the option of creating and sharing Mates Rates with them. With Mates Rates, they’ll be able to book your car for a fraction of the price of a regular rental car, and not have to worry about sorting out separate insurance (as they’ll be covered by ours!).

Get sharing your car stress free, list your car on Hiyacar!

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Sergio Aguilar

Sergio Aguilar

Chief Product Officer at Hiyacar

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