Rent My Car Out – Our Top 5 Tips

Rent My Car Out – Our Top 5 Tips

Ever wondered, ‘should I rent my car out?’ but just never got round to it? It’s easier than you think… with Hiyacar, you can rent your car out hassle-free, and make up to £650 per month doing so!

Whether you’re looking to share your car just a couple of days a week, or a majority of the time, Hiyacar facilitates stress-free car sharing, why not look into it as a viable and convenient option to create a passive income stream! Don’t know how to get started? You’ve come to the right place - here are our top 5 tips on how to rent your car out.

Tip 1: Can I rent my car out? Eligibility and insurance

If your car meets the below criteria, the answer is - yes, your care is eligible to be rented out! 

For your car to be listed on the Hiyacar platform it must meet the following criteria:

  • it must be under 15 years old 
  • it can only be up to insurance group 31
  • have a current value of under £40,000
  • it can have a maximum of 7 seats

This allows us to facilitate the majority of cars (apart from commercial vehicles such as vans, classic cars and supercars).

Your car also must be Taxed, MOT’ed & Insured - which you can also check via the previous links. You also must check ahead of hiring it out, that it is mechanically functioning so our mutual customer, the driver, feels safe in your car and doesn’t have any issues during their Hiya!

Hiyacar also provides bespoke car sharing insurance - which will override yours during a booking, however your car must always be insured. Find out more about how our insurance works.

Tip 2: Have breakdown cover ready

As Hiyacar’s bespoke car sharing insurance doesn’t cover wear and tear, mechanical, electrical, electronic or computer faults, failures, breakdowns, breakages or malfunctions or damage to tyres (caused by braking, punctures, cuts or bursts etc), it is essential to have your own breakdown cover.

Hiyacar has teamed up with the AA to offer those renting out their cars on our platform a discounted business membership which, after our discount, works out cheaper than the AA standard personal policy (£39 for 12 months per car, reduced from £207). Find out more about this discounted AA Breakdown Cover rate.

Keyless access

Tip 3: Go keyless: Say hiya to our keyless car sharing tech

To make renting out your car even easier, Hiyacar offers car owners keyless car access QuickStart technology, so that you don’t need to set aside time for in-person key handovers.

Cars with our QuickStart tech installed also have a much higher booking rate, due to renters being able to lock and unlock the car they’ve rented, hassle-free, through the Hiyacar app.

Cars shared through the Hiyacar platform fitted with QuickStart are also able to be instant booked, another feature which lends itself to getting your car more bookings.

Car & bubbles

Tip 4: Get your car clean and ready for customers!

Drivers take notice of the care you’ve taken of your vehicle, and a number of bookings through the Hiyacar platform are made to use the cars to take to events such as weddings, birthdays and family gatherings… would you want to turn up to one of these in a dirty car?

For your listing, regardless of which platform you choose to rent your car out on, you’re going to need some lovely high quality images of it looking its best, so as to really sell your car to the potential driver!

Tip 5: Choose a rental platform and get started!

The answer to, ‘should I rent my car out?’ is yes, and ‘but with which platform?’… obviously we’re going to say, Hiyacar! But we have good reason, you can earn up to £650 per month renting out your car through us, sign up is free and there’s no subscription fee to have your car listed on our site.

Our proactive, supportive owners team will help you get your car listed, provide you with an Owners Packs with promotional materials in, to help you get as many bookings as possible, with no subscription fees for listing your car!

So, why not get started - begin listing your car now, to get an estimated earnings figure and continue by uploading images of your vehicle and its availability!

Not ready to list your car yet but interested in doing so in the near future? Check out our top 5 reasons you should share your car.

Charlotte Simmons

Charlotte Simmons

Community Growth Manager at Hiyacar

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