5 reasons you should share your car

5 reasons you should share your car

More money, more friends and more stories… sounds good to me.

You’ll meet some cool people

Making friends can be pretty hard when ‘adulting’. Going from home to work, then back to work, and then home again doesn’t always leave you much time to meet cool and interesting people — or at least ones you can tell stories about over cocktails.

Share your car with someone & you’ll have the chance to meet some of the interesting folk in your community.

You’ll earn some money

Car’s are expensive to run, petrol…MOT’s…if you’re not using your car that much, you may as well make it a “money-making-machine”!

You get your car on the road

Instead of letting your car sit around gathering dust get it out on the road, cars were built to be driven!

If you can’t do it, at least let someone else get your car on the road 🚘

You’ll help someone who needs it

Sharing is caring. Not everyone needs or wants a car all the time, but most people will need one at some point. Use your car to help people out and you never know who might end up driving it.

Think of it as your good deed for the day… that also makes you some extra cash. Win-Win.

You’ll make your car a Super Car

Think about all the cool places your car could be going whilst you don’t need to use it, lots of people in our community take cars on long UK road trips, we even had one man drive a HiyaCar all the way to Paris for the day!

Make your car a SuperCar today!

Charlotte Simmons

Charlotte Simmons

Community Growth Manager at hiyacar

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