5 ways to Monetize You Motor 🚗

All Hiyacars are super! There’s nothing we like more than our cars being shared by as many people as possible. But some great HiyaCars are being left out in the cold, even though they might be the best ones.
The key to renting out your car and making money on HiyaCar is showing how brilliant your car is and getting good reviews. I have some tips and I’m going to share them with you.

1. Big up your car

Every Owner is proud of their car. This is the chance to tell people about the good bits — the expensive sound system, the pink fluffy dice, the leather interior and air conditioning… Make potential car sharers love your car as much as you do by filling out your car’s profile page — and doing it well.

2. Make it personal

The cars on our platform get to travel to some really interesting places, some of the cars have helped families move into their new homes, taken surfboards down to Newquay and survived the Sun worshippers at Summer Solstice in Stonehenge. Tell potential Drivers about these adventures and you might just inspire them to be part of your car’s story.

Be Lovely

3. Don’t be shy!

Tell everyone about your HiyaCar. Post on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, you can even shout it from the streets or pop leaflets through your neighbours’ doors! Do anything you can do to get your car noticed. Well, not anything, but you get what I mean…

4. Keep your car clean

Cars love to be clean, shiny and tidy. Make sure your car is mud-free and smelling like roses ready for Drivers. They will notice the care you’ve taken (and will hopefully tell others in their lovely review).

5. Be lovely

When people contact you on the HiyaCar site make sure you reply promptly and politely. Drivers want to rent cars from people they like and know are reliable. Wouldn’t you? But you’re lovely anyway, so it’s totally fine.

Be Lovely

Make money from your car

Charlotte Simmons

Charlotte Simmons

Community Growth Manager at hiyacar

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