8 Top Tips for Renting Your Car Out on Hiyacar

8 Top Tips for Renting Your Car Out on Hiyacar

So, you’re renting your car out on Hiyacar? Great idea! Your listing has been approved and your shiny, fabulous car is ready to get on the road with a neighbour behind the wheel! That’s a great start, but wondering how you can spread the word about your listing? Want to get more local drivers into your car, and more cash in your pocket? We’ve put together 8 top tips for how to get your Hiyacar listing seen by as many local drivers as possible!

1. Spread the word with Hiyacar Owners leaflets

Hiyacar offers Owners a lovely Owners Pack, as well as customised leaflets (with a QR code linked to your car’s listing on our platform - fancy, right?!) that can be popped through neighbours’ letterboxes to let them know a little more about the car you’re offering. This can include details on how much it’ll be to rent it, perhaps why you’re renting it and letting them know whether you have QuickStart fitted in your car, or whether they’ll need to collect the keys in person.

We love customising these for you so please let us know if you’d like new ones created by emailing us at support@hiyacar.co.uk.

2. Get some Hiyacar stickers on your car - get people talking!

We hear time and time again that drivers found out about Hiyacar through Hiyacar stickers on cars. It’s free advertising for you - as we supply the stickers, and it gets people interested, whether that be neighbours who’ve never heard of our platform, or local passers-by who are excited by the prospect of there being another Hiyacar nearby available for them to use!

Our Hiyacar stickers are a great promotional tool for you to get the most out of renting your car out, as they make your car easily identifiable as a vehicle that is able to be rented out.

Not only are there stickers available to you, we have Hiyacar branded ‘hangers’ to hook over your front internal mirror (when your car is parked), stickers to place internally (unobstructive of your view) at the bottom of your front, sides or back windows and more! So, if you’re not too keen on getting external stickers (though we highly recommend them) there are lots of other options available to let those potential drivers passing by your car know that it is available to rent!

Again, drop us a line at support@hiyacar.co.uk if you’re interested!

3. Competitive pricing is key

Good reviews and fair prices are what makes a listing attractive to a potential driver, so if there are people looking for cars to rent in your neighbourhood, then you want to make sure your prices are competitive for the area, and for your vehicle type. 

It is always worth checking out what else is on offer in your area, because local drivers will be doing exactly the same, so pricing your listing well, in-line with the other cars available in your area is crucial!

4. Show off your lovely car with high quality photos

Make sure your fabulous car is clean and shiny (all the time, of course) and get snapping some lovely high quality images of it on a sunny day (okay, this might be asking a lot of UK weather!) Essentially, make sure your car is shown at its very best, in good lighting, so as to really sell your car to the potential driver!

Having photos like this will help potential drivers be able to visualise what they’ll be renting out, and who knows, they may be driving it to an event such as a wedding, so they may really be looking for the smartest looking car on offer.

5. Keep your calendar up-to-date and your response rate high

Make sure to regularly update your car’s availability, so that hirers know accurately when they’ll be able to rent out your car, meaning that your acceptance rate of booking requests for your car can be as high as possible! If hiya drivers know they can rely on you to have your calendar accurate and updated, then they’ll know that they can trust that their booking will be accepted, and that they can start planning their trip or journey.

Drivers can see your response rate on your car’s listing, so the more you respond to requests, the more enticed potential drivers will be to request your car, as they know they’ll have an answer sooner rather than later as to whether your car is available or not.

6. Install QuickStart in your car for convenient keyless hires

Heard of our fantastic keyless car access QuickStart technology? It’s perfect for busy Hiyacar Owners who may not have time to do in-person key handovers… cars with QuickStart also have a much higher booking rate, due to renters being able to lock and unlock the car they’ve rented, hassle-free, through the Hiyacar app!

Hiyacars fitted with our QuickStart technology are also able to be instant booked, another thing that lends itself to getting your car rented out even more, due to the convenience of being able to book and drive off in minutes!

Your listing will get our prestigious ‘Instant Book’ badge on it, meaning potential drivers will know that your car may be their quickest option in the area to book and drive off in, so we highly recommend getting it installed! Installation is easy and carried out by one of our team - again, contact us at support@hiyacar.co.uk if interested, and we can arrange for this to be installed for you.

7. Share Mates Rates with family and friends who want to rent out your car

Ever had a friend ask if they can borrow your car but had no idea where on earth to start when it came to getting them insured on it? Had a family member need to borrow your car for an errand but gave up and decided it’s just too much hassle?

Our bespoke car sharing insurance makes these things easily possible, and our Mates Rates means that you can share your car with friends and family for a much lower cost than you charge other renters, or even make it free! (though a service charge and insurance fee is still applicable).

8. Get chatting with other hiya Owners

Want to learn from the pros? Need a hand getting your listing off the ground and want to speak with someone who has already been there and done that when it comes to optimising their car listings? Get chatting in our Hiyacar Owners Facebook group!

If you live in Islington, you can promote your car on our private Hiyacar Islington Car Hire group. More popular London locations will be getting groups soon, watch this space!

Want to help your community get around and make money off your motor, list your car on Hiyacar!

Already put these tips into action? Find out more ideas on how to monetize your car.

Charlotte Pick

Charlotte Pick

Marketing Executive at Hiyacar

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