5 reasons sharing your car is a great alternative to selling your car

5 reasons sharing your car is a great alternative to selling your car

Quit the commute since the Pandemic hit and now got a vehicle lying idle, so thinking of selling it? Think twice - there’s an easy, convenient solution to getting it back on the road, and getting you some cash! Share your car through Hiyacar!

Hiyacar offers car owners a great, hassle-free way of making extra money off their motor - our platform is free to join, easy to use and facilitates affordable car sharing between local car owners and nearby renters!

If you’re thinking of selling your car because you’re just not using it as much anymore, find out first how much you could be making by sharing it out through the Hiyacar platform! We’ve put together five reasons why sharing your car through Hiyacar is an easy, financially-beneficial alternative to selling your car.

You can make passive income sharing your car through Hiyacar

Car owners currently sharing via our platform share their cars for a number of reasons and with different levels of commitment; whether their schedule is set so they share it just a few days a week or all the time. With some London-based owners having previously made upto £550 a month, sharing their cars in areas such as Islington, Tower Hamlets and Hackney, why not look into it as a viable option to create a passive income stream in a way you’d not previously thought of!

A great alternative to selling your car - by sharing their cars through Hiyacar, our owners make on average between £200 - £300 a month, with earnings dependent on location, vehicle availability for hire and whether the owner is utilising features Hiyacar offer including our easily-installed QuickStart keyless access technology and car stickers.

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You can customise your car sharing journey to be as commitment-free as you’d like

Owners on the Hiyacar platform have full control over their car’s availability calendar, so you can share on only weekdays, weekends, or specific blocks of time, that way you can still make occasional or even frequent use of your vehicle.

When you list your car you can let us know from the start of your car sharing journey whether you’d be interested in being a ‘Casual Owner’ - sharing your car occasionally to make a little extra income or an ‘Eager Owner’ - who is likely to use their car very little and would like to share it as much as possible.

Another great way of making sharing your car as commitment-free as possible is opting for getting Hiyacar’s keyless car access technology, QuickStart, installed in your car, so that there’s no need for in-person key handover. With QuickStart, drivers can instant book your vehicle and you can be getting on with your day, not needing to meet them to give them the key.

You’ll still have a vehicle to use, if you need it

… because you’re in control of your car’s availability calendar, that means if you do need access to your vehicle whether on weekends or to run an errand, you’ll still have that access, which you wouldn’t have, had you sold your car!

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You’ll have the opportunity to meet local drivers and make new friends

By sharing your car with local drivers, and opting for in-person key handover, you’ll meet the neighbours and members of your local community that are renting your vehicle! At some point during the rental process, whether you meet them to give them the keys, or when you accept their booking request, you’ll be able to ask them why they’re sharing and what great adventures they have planned in your car! Perhaps they’ve got rid of their own car and need occasional access to one nearby, maybe they’re off on a staycation or just going to do a big shop! Sharing your car is a great way to get to know your neighbours!

It’s subscription-free and free to sign up - why not give it a try before you sell?

Sign up is free and there’s no subscription fee to have your car listed on our site, so what are you waiting for? Our owners team will help you price and promote your car in order to get you as many bookings as possible, with no subscription fees for listing your car!

Interested but not ready to list your car yet? Find out our top 5 reasons you should share your car… or maybe you’re excited by the prospect of monetising your motor and want some more tips on how to do so?

Charlotte Pick

Charlotte Pick

Marketing Executive at Hiyacar

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