Three year hybrid car club trial launches in Faversham

Three year hybrid car club trial launches in Faversham

Last week saw the successful launch of a three year low emissions car club trial in Faversham, with a number of low emissions hybrid vehicles supplied by Hiyacar, in partnership with Swale Borough Council.

Available to the general public, upon quick and free app-based sign up and verification through the Hiyacar app, is the opportunity to rent 3 hybrid vehicles, located across the town, for as little as £3 an hour.

These vehicles can be found: near Faversham Train Station in Queens Road Car Park, in Central Faversham, in Institute Road Car Park and in Central Car Park.

Hiyacar is thrilled to have helped launch and provide vehicles for this low emissions car club, in partnership with Swale Borough Council, helping residents of Faversham get where they want to go, when they need to, affordably and sustainably.

After a successful launch, a member of the Hiyacar team spoke with the first hirer of a Swale Car Club car, who had this to say about the trial:

“It’s fantastic, especially for us as we run a business in Kent & do a lot of travelling to and from clients.”

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Booking and using the Swale Car Club cars follows the same hassle-free process as booking a regular Hiyacar, it couldn’t be easier! Rent them from as little as £3 an hour or £30 a day! The rental price of which will also include insurance, car cleaning and maintenance.

Find and book one of the hybrid vehicles in this Faversham car club trial.

Charlotte Pick

Charlotte Pick

Marketing Executive at Hiyacar

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