Swale Borough Council Expands Sustainable Mobility with Hiyacar Partnership in Sittingbourne

Swale Borough Council Expands Sustainable Mobility with Hiyacar Partnership in Sittingbourne

In the wake of the highly successful Swale low emissions car club trial in Faversham, Swale Borough Council is thrilled to announce the expansion of this eco-friendly initiative to Sittingbourne. Partnering with Hiyacar, a leading car-sharing platform, the council is paving the way for accessible and sustainable transportation solutions in the heart of Sittingbourne.

Affordable and Eco-Friendly Transportation Solutions in Sittingbourne

Residents of Sittingbourne now have the opportunity to benefit from the expansion of the Swale Car Club, offering hybrid vehicles available for as low as £3 an hour. This innovative approach to car-sharing not only promotes cost-effective mobility but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions, aligning with Swale Borough Council’s commitment to a greener future.

Key Features of Sittingbourne Car Club

Strategic Locations for Convenience:

The Sittingbourne Car Club boasts three conveniently located pick-up points across the town, ensuring easy accessibility for residents. Three pick-up points across the town at Albany Road Car Park (ME10 1EB), Spring Street Car Park (ME10 3EL), and Bell Road Car Park (ME10 4DL).

User-Friendly Access Through the Hiyacar App:

To streamline the user experience, the Hiyacar app facilitates a quick and free sign-up process. This seamless onboarding ensures that the general public can easily join the Sittingbourne Car Club, making sustainable transportation accessible to all.

Affordable Rates Inclusive of Essential Services:

With rates as low as £3 an hour or £30 a day, users not only enjoy economical transportation but also benefit from inclusive insurance, car cleaning, and maintenance. This all-encompassing approach to car-sharing makes the Sittingbourne Car Club a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to traditional car ownership.

Positive Community Impact and Testimonials:

Building on the overwhelmingly positive response from Faversham, where users praised the affordability and sustainability of the car club, the Sittingbourne Car Club is poised to redefine local travel. Early testimonials highlight the convenience for businesses, positioning it as an excellent solution for work-related travel needs. By embracing green mobility, users contribute to a cleaner and more connected community, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the environment.


‘Thank you Swale Council! The closest car club was Gillingham, Maidstone or Canterbury so this new scheme is very convenient. The car I hired, the white Corolla, was perfect. It had a full tank, was clean, and was a good vehicle to drive. Instant booking, instant confirmation and the booking was fuss free and completed without any issue. I’ll be using again. Maybe you could add more vehicles in future?’’ from Richard John B.

How to Join Sittingbourne Car Club:

Joining the Sittingbourne Car Club is a simple process. Interested individuals can download the Hiyacar app, sign up, and swiftly verify their identity to gain quick access. By taking this step, members not only unlock the benefits of green mobility but also actively participate in creating a sustainable and interconnected community. Join the Sittingbourne Car Club today and be a part of the movement towards a cleaner and greener future.

Josie Crabtree

Josie Crabtree

Guest Writer

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