The Launch of Central Bedfordshire's Low Emission Car Club in Leighton Buzzard & Houghton Regis

The Launch of Central Bedfordshire's Low Emission Car Club in Leighton Buzzard & Houghton Regis

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable urban development, Hiyacar, in partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council and property developers like Bellway Homes, is proud to unveil the Electric Vehicle Car Club in Leighton Buzzard & Houghton Regis. Central Bedfordshire leveraged S-106 planning obligations to ensure each new development in the area would provide sustainable transport alternatives to car ownership.

Starting on March 14 2024, residents will have access to a fleet of five electric cars and one hybrid vehicle strategically located throughout the area. From Linmere Farmstead to Bidwell, these vehicles provide affordable and eco-friendly transportation options, reducing the need for private car ownership.

Why it matters:

1. Reducing Car Ownership: Car clubs alleviate the burden of private ownership, offering residents access to vehicles without parking hassles or environmental concerns.

2. Promoting Sustainability: By embracing electric and hybrid vehicles, the car club supports efforts to combat climate change and improve air quality.

3. Optimising Land Use: Collaboration with developers allows for smarter land use planning, transforming parking spaces into green areas or affordable housing.

4. Fostering Community Connectivity: Shared vehicles foster social connections and enhance mobility, benefiting individuals from all walks of life.

5. Driving Economic Benefits: Residents save on ownership costs while local businesses thrive with increased foot traffic and economic activity.

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing:

Furthermore, Hiyacar’s platform facilitates peer-to-peer car sharing, allowing residents who own vehicles to participate in the car-sharing revolution. By listing their own cars on the platform, they can contribute to the community’s transportation pool and earn money from their underutilised assets. This not only expands the availability of vehicles within the car club but also empowers individuals to generate additional income while promoting sustainable practices.

Where to Find the Cars:

Residents can locate these vehicles at designated spots such as

Cost and Accessibility:

To access the car club, residents simply need to register with Hiyacar via their app, with a nominal application fee that gets re-added to their account as driving credits . Booking a vehicle is as easy as a few taps on the smartphone, with rental rates starting as low as £3.50 per hour or £33.00 per day, inclusive of insurance & booking fee.

In conclusion, the launch of Central Bedfordshire’s Low Emissions Vehicle Car Club marks a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable urban mobility. Through collaboration and innovation, Leighton Buzzard & Houghton Regis are leading the way in building greener, more connected communities. Join us as we drive towards a brighter, more sustainable future together.

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Josie Crabtree

Josie Crabtree

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