How can we meet S-106? Car sharing solutions for greener property developments.

How can we meet S-106? Car sharing solutions for greener property developments.

Property developers are increasingly seeking innovative ways to enhance their developments by addressing community needs, promoting sustainable living, and complying with regulatory obligations.

One such solution that is gaining momentum is partnering with platforms like Hiyacar to fulfil Section 106 (S-106) and Section 75 in Scotland (S-75) obligations and offer shared car services to residents. This article explores the benefits of using Hiyacar to meet these requirements while providing residents with convenient and eco-friendly transportation options.

What are the S-106 (S-75 in Scotland) obligations?

Section 106 agreements, commonly referred to as S-106 (S-75 in Scotland) obligations, are planning agreements entered into between local authorities and developers. These agreements ensure that new developments contribute to the local community’s infrastructure and amenities. One common S-106 (S-75 in Scotland) obligation is the provision of sustainable transportation solutions for residents.

The Role of Shared Cars in Meeting S-106 (S-75 in Scotland) Obligations

Integrating shared car services into property developments aligns perfectly with the intent of S-106 (S-75 in Scotland) obligations. Here’s why property developers should consider partnering with platforms like Hiyacar:

Fulfilling Transportation Needs:

Shared car services directly address residents’ transportation needs, especially in areas with limited public transport options. By offering convenient access to vehicles, developers ensure that residents have reliable mobility solutions.

Reducing Traffic Congestion:

Shared cars encourage carpooling and reduce individual car ownership, which can significantly contribute to reducing traffic congestion in and around the development area.

Maximising Space:

Incorporating shared cars can lead to decreased demand for parking spaces, allowing developers to optimise land use and allocate resources more efficiently.

Environmental Sustainability:

Shared cars are often more fuel-efficient and emit fewer emissions compared to older private vehicles. This aligns with sustainability goals and helps minimise the development’s environmental impact.

Advantages of Partnering with Hiyacar

Hiyacar, as a prominent shared car platform, offers several advantages to property developers seeking to meet S-106 (S-75 in Scotland) obligations and provide shared transportation solutions:

Ready-Made Infrastructure:

Hiyacar provides a turnkey solution, sparing developers the effort and cost of building and maintaining a dedicated shared car infrastructure.

Flexible Models:

Developers can choose from various car-sharing models based on the specific needs of their development and community.

User-Friendly Technology:

Hiyacar’s app-based platform simplifies vehicle reservations, access, and payment, enhancing the convenience for residents.

Managed Operations:

Hiyacar handles operational aspects like vehicle maintenance, insurance, and customer support, freeing developers from the burden of day-to-day management.

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'’Hiyacar has been a great platform to support our Mobility Hub at Calderwood. The system and staff have worked to deliver a valuable asset for the community that our business is truly grateful for.’’ Ray Kirk

Community Benefits

Beyond meeting regulatory obligations, providing shared car services through platforms like Hiyacar offers a multitude of benefits to residents:

Cost Savings:

Residents can save money on car ownership expenses, including insurance, maintenance, and parking fees.


Shared cars provide residents with an accessible and flexible transportation option without the responsibilities of ownership.

Reduced Environmental Impact:

Encouraging car-sharing helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road, leading to lower emissions and a greener community.


As property developers strive to create holistic and sustainable living environments, incorporating shared car services through platforms like Hiyacar presents a unique opportunity. By fulfilling S-106 (S-75 in Scotland) obligations and offering residents convenient, eco-friendly transportation options, developers can enhance the value of their developments while contributing positively to the community and the environment. Embracing this innovative approach showcases a commitment to responsible development and forward-thinking urban planning.

Josie Crabtree

Josie Crabtree

Guest Writer

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