Hiyacar Launches Sustainable Car Club in Bath's Premier Development, The Scala, in Partnership with Rengen Developments

Hiyacar Launches Sustainable Car Club in Bath's Premier Development, The Scala, in Partnership with Rengen Developments

Bath, renowned for its historic charm, is stepping into the future of sustainable mobility with the launch of Hiyacar’s first car club car in collaboration with Rengen Developments.

Accessibility Beyond The Scala:

While the car is a valuable asset for The Scala community, it is essential to note that it is not exclusive to the development. This exciting initiative is set to redefine urban transportation for the residents of The Scala redevelopment, while also offering accessibility to locals and businesses throughout the city.

The Scala - A Hub of Innovation and Sustainability:

Situated in the heart of Bath, The Scala redevelopment by Rengen Developments stands as a beacon of modern living. Committed to creating a sustainable and interconnected community, The Scala has partnered with Hiyacar to introduce a cutting-edge car club that aligns with the city’s clean air goals.

Innovative Funding: A Win-Win for The Scala and Bath Residents:

What makes this collaboration unique is the innovative funding model employed. The car, a brand-new hybrid with low emissions, is partly funded by Rengen Developments as part of the planning obligation S-106. This forward-thinking approach not only enhances the amenities for The Scala residents but also contributes to the broader environmental and communal goals of the cacar’s eco-friendly vehicle is available for booking by all locals and businesses in Bath. This inclusive approach promotes a city-wide shift towards sustainable transportation, making a positive impact on both congestion and emissions.

Clean Air Zone Compliance:

Acknowledging the importance of environmental responsibility, Hiyacar’s new addition to Bath’s streets is fully compliant with the Clean Air Zone requirements. The hybrid vehicle ensures that residents and businesses alike can contribute to Bath’s commitment to cleaner air quality.

How to Access the Car:

Booking the Toyota Yaris hybrid is convenient and user-friendly. Residents of The Scala can easily access the car through the Hiyacar platform. Additionally, locals and businesses interested in utilising this eco-conscious transport solution can find more details and book the car directly on the Hiyacar website: Hiyacar - Toyota Yaris in Bath


Hiyacar’s launch of a sustainable car club in partnership with Rengen Developments at The Scala marks a significant step towards redefining urban mobility in Bath. The initiative not only fulfils the transportation needs of The Scala residents but also extends its benefits to the broader community, fostering a more sustainable and interconnected city. As Bath embraces a cleaner and greener future, Hiyacar’s eco-friendly Toyota Yaris stands ready to drive positive change on the city’s streets.

Josie Crabtree

Josie Crabtree

Guest Writer

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