Affordable Business Car Hire Comes to Hiyacar

Affordable Business Car Hire Comes to Hiyacar

Get to know… Hiyacar Business Accounts

All your questions about setting up a Hiyacar Business Account, are answered here - so whether you’re wondering if you can use our vehicles for transporting goods (you can), perhaps whether you can use it for transporting equipment (you can) or whether there’s a minimum number of people needed on the account (we’ll get to that)… here’s everything you need to know! Businesses small and large can thrive using Hiyacars for their business needs, making employee travel and getting to client meetings hassle-free!

Is it free to sign up?

Sign up is free and any verified Hiyacar user can apply for a Hiyacar Business Account. To do so, sign up to Hiyacar as a driver and once verified (which takes around 5 minutes), register your interest here.

What types of businesses can register for a Hiyacar Business Account?

Any registered business or small business owner can sign up for one of our business accounts - so film and television professionals, restaurateurs or those in the catering industry, fashion start-ups and more can make the most of our business offering. Larger organisations, whether construction, consulting and more can benefit from setting up a business account too - carry on reading for the reasons why it might be particularly beneficial for larger businesses to sign up.


Can a small business start a Hiyacar Business Account?

Absolutely! Individuals can use this offering, it’s particularly useful for those needing VAT receipts for their use of our Hiyacars, or perhaps, you’re a small business with just a few employees but could really benefit from easy and affordable access to cars across the UK, in order to make deliveries. There’s no minimum number of people required (other than the one setting it up) for a Hiyacar Business Account, we just want to help businesses across the UK get their employees, equipment, products and more, wherever they need to be!

What are the benefits for small businesses of having a Business Account with Hiyacar?

Are you a small business owner making frequent deliveries or regularly transporting equipment? Having a Hiyacar Business Account gives you easy and convenient access to cars across the UK to get your products where they need to go. Making use of our QuickStart keyless car access technology, instant book feature and easy-to-use app-based booking system, will help you get where you need to go and help you scale-up your business by getting you out there to meet external clients, transport goods and more. Hiyacar can help your business grow!


Is your QuickStart feature easy to use?

It absolutely is! Our keyless QuickStart technology means vehicle rental without the hassle of in-person key handovers, making business travel easy and stress-free. Drivers will use a secure several-step automated authentication procedure via the Hiyacar app, on the employee’s phone, in order to enter the car.

I need to transport large goods or equipment, will I have access to vans?

Absolutely! Not only will you have access to cars across the UK, there are also a number of vans on our platform ready to be used by businesses small and large - whether for making deliveries, transporting goods or equipment inc. for events, construction, e-commerce, hospitality and more.

What are the benefits for large businesses of having a Business Account with Hiyacar?

There are many benefits for large businesses of having a Business Account with us. One of the biggest advantages is that employees can organise their own business travel; and that travel costs can be controlled easily with centralised billing. Get up to 50% off hires between midday Monday and midday Friday and make the most of our QuickStart, keyless car-access technology for seamless business travel for all your employees. If you’re a large business with a number of employees, a Hiyacar Business Account could be exactly what you need to manage employee travel and get yourself and your colleagues out on site or to external meetings!

What details do I need to provide in order to register for a Hiyacar Business Account?

We’ll need a couple of details from you in order to get started setting up your Business Account. These include:

  • your company name and address,
  • the account holder’s name and email address,
  • a company registration number and VAT registration number (for larger businesses only),
  • as well as the number of drivers likely to be on the account (also only required for larger businesses).

For more information on Hiyacar’s Business Accounts offering, or to get in touch with us and/or register your interest - head to our Business Accounts page.

Charlotte Pick

Charlotte Pick

Marketing Executive at Hiyacar

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