5 Reasons You Should Share Your Car

5 Reasons You Should Share Your Car

Wondering whether sharing your car is a good idea? We’re here to let you know all the reasons why you should! From the more obvious reasons, like making money off your motor, to some of the unexpected positives which come from sharing your car out with your local community… like making great new friends!

Meeting your neighbours (finally) and making new friends nearby

Making friends can be pretty hard when ‘adulting’. Going from home to work, then back to work… and then home again, (or just to-and-from your WFH set-up) doesn’t always leave you much time to meet cool and interesting people - or at least ones you can swap stories about (or with) over coffee!

By sharing your car with your neighbours and people in your local community, you’ll get the chance to meet some of these fabulous people that live nearby: whether they want to rent your ride to rid themselves of their own car and live a little more sustainably, or because they want to go on some great adventures, and need a car to do so, we KNOW you’ll want to know these people. There’s not a single car sharer on the Hiyacar platform who hasn’t met someone fabulous or someone with an incredible story of why they need to borrow their car!

Make money sharing your car!

We all know that cars can be a little costly to run… petrol, MOTs… and if you’re not using your car that much, you may as well make a little money off it to cover these costs, (with a little (or a lot) of cash left over). Sharing your car with those in your local area is a great way to make some extra cash, an easy passive income stream or just help you run your car cost-free!  

Check out our ‘5 ways to monetize your motor’ blog post for more information on handy tips and tricks to maximise your car’s earning potential when it’s listed on Hiyacar - to make that monetising worthwhile!

Make money sharing your car!

No more gathering dust - your car gets out on the open road!

Are you working remotely now? Has your commute changed and you don’t need your car as much anymore? Do you look out of your window from your remote working set-up and sigh as you realise your car is just sitting there, taking up space… just knowing that you could be making money from it? Not to mention that your car was MADE to be driven… and if not by you, why not by your neighbours?

Instead of letting your car gather rust and dust, share it and get it back out on the road and hear all about where it’s been, when it gets back! We all love a story, so why not hear all about what your lovely local driver got up to in your car? Think about all the cool places your car could be going whilst you don’t need to use it… lots of people in our community take cars on road trips across the UK, to visit theme parks, spas and more! 

You’re helping give access to transportation, to those who need it

Sharing is caring. Not everyone needs or wants to own their own car, or use one all the time, but most people will need to use one at some point. Whether your neighbour needs access to a car so that they can drive a family member to an appointment, or someone around the corner needs to move their child into university, or perhaps someone nearby is attending a wedding… share your car to help people out and you never know who might end up driving it!

As a Hiyacar Owner, having your vehicle available for others nearby to use, may help someone visit a loved one they’ve not seen in a while, or help someone see friends who have moved away. There’s no end to where you could be helping your neighbours go!

Car sharing helps the environment and your community 

Want to help your community cut down on private car ownership? Do you own two cars but only really use one? By sharing your car, you’re helping to reduce overall car usage and single-use car ownership in your local area, and in turn reducing congestion, freeing up parking spaces and helping to improve air quality!

By sharing your car, you’re also helping your neighbours get where they need to go!

According to a 2020 report on car clubs in the UK by sustainable transport charity, CoMoUK, they found that each car club vehicle took an average of 18.5 private cars off the road! Another great finding was that 21% of those in the survey also owned one car less than they did when they first joined their car club!

Could there be any better reason for sharing your car than helping your local community and your local environment? Check out our past blog post on how car sharing helps the environment, to find out more about the positive environmental impacts of car sharing?

Interested in becoming a Hiyacar owner? Find out more about how car sharing works.

Want to find out how much you could be making with your car, or have we already convinced you to sign up? Let’s list your car now!

Charlotte Pick

Charlotte Pick

Marketing Executive at Hiyacar

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