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Rent My Car Out – Our Top 5 Tips

Ever wondered, ‘should I rent my car out?’ but just never got round to it? It’s easier than you think… with Hiyacar, you can rent your car out hassle-free, and...

7-seater Car Hire in London - Everything you need to know

Got family visiting and need a 7 seater car to show them the sights? Perhaps a big move is coming up and the space of a larger rental vehicle would...

Reduce your excess with our Excess Waiver

When you purchase our Car Sharing Excess Waiver, you reduce your excess to a much smaller amount. This insurance is designed to waive the excess you pay under the standard...

How to message an owner before making a request 🚙

If you have any questions that you want to ask the car owner before making a booking you can easily start a conversation with them through our app before making...

Filtering your search

Finding the perfect car for your next journey couldn’t be simpler. Whether you need an automatic city/hatchback or a 7 seater with air-con, you can narrow down your search quickly by using...

5 reasons why our members are hiring cars

When it comes to car sharing, our members are hiring cars for all different reasons, whether it’s a quick trip to IKEA or because it’s cheaper and more flexible than other options....

Enjoying a Stonehenge Day Trip from London

One day car hire in London with Hiyacar means you can enjoy fun day trips to places such as Stonehenge. Why not visit the famous stone circle in Wiltshire today?...

London's Roman Roads

The UK Roman roads network in the UK is something we’re still very much learning about. There are no physical maps of the original Roman roads in the UK, but...

What to do on a Day Trip from London to the Cotswolds

Chances are, you’ve heard of the Cotswolds, whether as a weekend break destination or for its being one of the most picture-perfect stops for a day trip from London. Located...

Car sharing so close you can drive it

The sharing revolution has only just begun and one aspect of it in particular that just keeps growing and growing is car sharing. Car sharing is available throughout the UK,...

Here’s how much you can save by hiring a car 🚙

With car ownership costing thousands of pounds a year and insurance costs rising, more and more people are turning to short term car rental for their transportation needs. So how...

10 road safety tips 🚙

You make sure your car has an MOT every year (if the car is 3-years and older) to ensure the overall safety of your car, but are you doing everything...

Top 3 questions from our members

Here are the top 3 questions our members ask us.

Most important car checks to perform before driving

It seems that life just keeps getting busier, but don’t let a lack of time put your safety at risk. As a driver, you’re responsible for the roadworthiness of your...

London Car Museums

The City of London really does have a lot to offer to those who live there, as well as its visitors, especially when it comes to the car fanatics or...

Six famous city of London roads

Driving in London (or any capital for that matter) can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. It can actually be a pleasant experience if you know where to...

How does car sharing help the environment?

The car. A tool which most of us cannot live without completely. But, with ongoing concern surrounding climate change and the environment, and the negative effect it’s having on our...

What should you do when driving in fog?

Fog lights seem to be quite the conundrum on the road. We’ve all seen it; people using their fog lights when it’s not even foggy out and, in complete contrast,...

Expert Tips for Looking After Your Car This Winter

Engaging in a spot of preventative maintenance on your Hiyacar rental car is vital all year round if it’s going to keep getting your drivers from A to B. But...

Drive-in cinema in and around London City

The drive-in cinema concept has become an extremely popular occurrence in recent years, with more and more companies offering specialist showings such as the Brent Cross drive in cinema and...

London's ultra-low emissions zone (ULEZ) explained

Driving in London has never been considered easy and with the introduction of the new Ultra-Low Emission Zone charge (replacing the old London T-Charge) earlier this year, it’s getting more...

London to Brighton by bike 🚲

To celebrate the launch of Hiyacar in Brighton this summer, our CEO Graeme Risby & Head of Product Eléonore Kuentz are cycling all the way from Clapham Common to the seashore...

Driving in London

Driving into London or around London can be daunting, but as long as you’re in the know, with a few deep breaths you’ll wonder why you ever worried.

Motorway driving tips

Driving on the motorway can be a daunting task, but we’ve come up with some handy motorway driving tips to get you safely on your way.

Free insurance on hourly hires

Take advantage of hourly hires in August and get a full refund on the insurance 🚙

What is car sharing?

To say that car sharing is on the up is an understatement — particularly in larger cities (such as London, where you’re charged just for using your car) the trend is booming,...

Some Of The Best Day Trips From London By Car

Whether it’s a London one day trip you’re looking for or whether you’re looking to spend the night somewhere other than the Big Smoke, there are loads of options for...

Enjoy the heatwave in style ☀️

Many of the car owners on our platform have beautiful convertible cars that are sitting idle on their driveways waiting to be driven. Whether you need a car for a...

The benefits of car sharing using our mates rates

At Hiyacar, we’re on a mission to make communities smarter and wealthier by changing the way we think about cars. Furthermore, we want car owners to be able to lend their...

Hiyacar is launching in Brighton

Become an early adopter and join the car-sharing movement in Brighton driven by the community.

Gabi’s Fiat 500

Yesterday I took Gabi’s stylish Fiat 500 out for a spin. I’m a massive fan of quirky cars (I used to have VW Beetle before I needed a bigger car)...

Lorenzo's family trip to Richmond Park

2 years ago, Lorenzo and his family made the decision to sell their car and test out different ways of travelling to see if they could save money by not...

A few tips from Uzair

Here are a few tips from Uzair, one of our top car owners 🚙

Looking back at our hiya stats from 2018

In 2018, Hiyacars did an incredible 1.75million miles and 312,616 hours!

12 Christmas Markets for the 12 Days of Christmas 🎄

Local communities getting together to drink mulled wine, eat Belgian chocolates and buy festive gifts, who doesn’t love a Christmas market?!

3 ways to get to know your neighbours

More than half of Britons describe their neighbours as “strangers” and 73% of Britons don’t even know their neighbour’s names. Yes we were shocked as well! In fact, we did a quick...

When Alessandra said hiya to Laura's Alfa Romeo

This week I caught up with Alessandra from our community team. A few months ago she tested out the Hiyacar platform herself when she hired out Laura’s Alfa Romeo.

When Car Owners Hiya Out Other Owners Cars

We believe that sharing cars keeps communities moving. Share your neighbour’s car so you can drive what you want, when you want. You save money. Your neighbour makes a few...

Win a free car hiya in January

This month we are offering the gift of a car hiya worth up to £250 in January! To enter someone into the competition all you need to do is go...

Staying safe whilst driving over Christmas

As Christmas approaches you will no doubt see many articles about careful driving over the holidays and the dangers of drink driving.

Our new branding

We are really excited to let you know that we have now launched our new brand!

Interview with YourParkingSpace

Where did the idea for YourParkingSpace come from?

Top 3 trips for October half term

This October half term have you thought about hiring a car and taking the family out for an adventure?

Refer a friend and make some money!

We are really excited to announce that we have now launched our referral scheme which means you can start making money just by telling your friends about HiyaCar!

Owner of the week: Dave Gurung

Last weekend one of the drivers in our community hired out Dave’s Land Rover Discovery for his wedding and had a great experience.

10 top tips to become a supersharer

We’re here to help you get as many hires as possible, so we’ve listed our top tips to get those booking requests flying in.

Owner of the week - Mohammad Hasib

Last week Aisha hired Mohammad’s Audi Q7 for the weekend and had a great experience.

Owner of the week: Lisa Paterson

This week we had a great review come in from William who hired out Lisa’s Ford Fiesta Zetec over the weekend.

3 things Londoners need to experience

1. Cruise down the canal with Hidden Depths

Meet Desislav- Owner of the week

Each week we get flooded with reviews from both our can owners and hirers.

Meet Zeynep - Owner of the week

One of the best things about the sharing economy is seeing the members of our community helping each other out and creating great relationships.

Interview with Fat Lama

This week we interviewed our friends over at Fat Lama the peer-to-peer rental marketplace for all of your stuff.

Hiyacar launch party

On Wednesday 28th June we had our official launch party so that we could tell everyone about HiyaCar QuickStart our keyless technology.

Our Story

Our purpose is to connect car owners and drivers in their local community to hire cars. Can we tell you a secret? No one at Hiyacar HQ joined because they...

The HiyaWay Code

Everyone goes to Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Oxford Street, but there is so much more to London than the tourist traps in the centre!

Father's Day Competition

This Father’s Day you could be treating your dad to an amazing double supercar ride. This experience is fast, furious and includes the choice of two of the world’s best...

A sustainable local storage-sharing solution

Sharing website offers an ingenious, low cost solution to storage starved households.

London to Colchester

Last weekend a member of the HiyaCar team took a lovely sunny trip to Colchester castle, so the next blog in our road-trip series is:

5 awesome days out with kids this summer

School’s out, and parents up and down the country are racking their brains trying to find ways of occupying their little ‘uns. And no, no matter how hard you want...