When Alessandra said hiya to Laura's Alfa Romeo

When Alessandra said hiya to Laura's Alfa Romeo

This week I caught up with Alessandra from our community team. A few months ago she tested out the Hiyacar platform herself when she hired out Laura’s Alfa Romeo.

What made you decide to hire out Laura’s Alfa Romeo?

Our old offices were located near to Old Street station so when I was searching for a car, Laura’s one popped up as the closest one to where I was. It was perfect because it wasn’t too expensive (£50 a day) it had our QuickStart technology installed, it was automatic and big enough for my trip!

What did you use the car for?

I had planned a romantic weekend away with my boyfriend and needed a car to drive up north so I looked on Hiyacar and found Laura’s Alfa Romeo. I recognised Laura, the car owner as one of our Top Owners so I requested it straight away.

Hiyacar Quickstart

Everything worked brilliantly, the car was great to drive and we had a lovely, relaxing weekend away.

what a view

I’d really recommend Laura’s Alfa Romeo, if anyone would like to book her car they can use my code Alessandra10 for £10 off 🚙

Charlotte Simmons

Charlotte Simmons

Community Growth Manager at Hiyacar

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