When Car Owners Hiya Out Other Owners Cars

When Car Owners Hiya Out Other Owners Cars

We believe that sharing cars keeps communities moving. Share your neighbour’s car so you can drive what you want, when you want. You save money. Your neighbour makes a few quid. We all help each other live smarter.

As part of our Community Column, we delve into the lives of our members so that you can meet the people at the heart of our community.

This week we chat to one of the top car owners in our community, Mark who owns a lovely Volkswagen Golf called Clement based near Kentish Town Station.

We noticed that Mark had hired a car from another owner in our community and we wanted to find out why he hadn’t just used his own car for his trip.

My car is so popular that it was already booked out when I had to travel to my cousins at short notice, I was able to find a much better car on the next road along instantly

What made you list your car on Hiyacar?

Hiycar was actually part of the reason we bought a car in the first place. My wife and I were making numerous trips to friends and family, spending £100s on train travel but often experiencing long delays or finding it difficult to travel to more remote areas.

Once we’d taken the plunge and bought our VW Golf (we call him Clement), we instantly listed it on Hiyacar hoping that we would be able to cover some of the costs of running the vehicle.

Do you know roughly how much you have made since listing your car on Hiyacar?

We bought our car (Clement) in June this year and listed it on Hiyacar the same week that we bought it. We’ve already had around £1200 of bookings, covering the majority of the running costs for the year (until June 2019).

You hired Yasmin’s Lexus what was the car like?

It was in excellent condition and great to drive. The car was just a few years old and only had 20,000 miles or so on the clock. The process was really simple and the owner communicated well. She even delivered/collected the car for free as she lived nearby.

Would you hire from one of our owners again?

Definitely and given how popular our Volkswagen Golf is, I’m sure we’ll need to hire again in the future!

You have our QuickStart technology in your car, what excited you about getting it installed?

I work in an office during the week so having QuickStart installed ensures that people can collect and drop off my car at their convenience, leading to more rentals and a smoother process. It also means I don’t need to worry about getting up early on a Saturday or Sunday if someone want to borrow our car.

I have no problem letting people collect and drop off our car using the HiyaCar app. It makes the whole process much more relaxed. We even accepted a booking while we were on holiday in France in August.

Charlotte Simmons

Charlotte Simmons

Community Growth Manager at Hiyacar

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