Enjoying a Stonehenge Day Trip from London

Enjoying a Stonehenge Day Trip from London

One day car hire in London with Hiyacar means you can enjoy fun day trips to places such as Stonehenge. Why not visit the famous stone circle in Wiltshire today?

London is one of the most thrilling cities in the world with much to see and do. However, it can be a relief to escape from the hustle and bustle occasionally and there are many fantastic attractions and sites within easy reach of the capital — if you have access to a car.

Stonehenge is less than 90 miles from the centre of London, and via the M3 it’s only a two-hour drive. For anyone using one-day car hire in London, this makes it the ideal destination with plenty of time to enjoy everything on offer.

What Is Stonehenge?

Located on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, Stonehenge is a Neolithic site with standing stones that were erected thousands of years ago. Experts believe that the famous stone circle was altered and changed for years after its original construction, right up to the Bronze Age in 1500 BC.

The giant stones can be seen for miles around, but their attraction is not just in their size. Nobody truly knows why the stone circle was created but many believe it has mystical and healing qualities. The mystery just as much as the spectacle is what brings people to Stonehenge every day.

The general consensus among experts is that Stonehenge was used for some types of religious and spiritual activities, including sacred ceremonies dedicated to the sun and the moon, as well as funerals.

More Than Just a Stone Circle

The infamous stone circle at Stonehenge is undoubtedly its biggest attraction, and part of the site that you won’t want to miss. However, there is much more at Stonehenge to see; most people plan to visit for anything from two hours to half a day.

A state-of-the-art visitor centre welcomes everyone and includes a cafe and toilets among its facilities. There are also exhibitions housed in the visitor centre which provide a glimpse of Stonehenge from different perspectives, including at the popular solstices.

Just outside the centre, there are authentic reconstructions of Neolithic dwellings, based on houses which have been found nearby. Discover how people lived 4500 years ago and enjoy demonstrations of ancient crafts, such as flint napping, grain grinding and making a rope from rushes.

There is a shuttle bus that runs the 1.5 miles to the stone circle, but you can choose to get off at the halfway point, Fargo Plantation, and walk if you want to take in some views of the surrounding oasis. You can also walk the full route yourself; allow around 45 minutes each way.

Walking provides the opportunity to see more of the surrounding area. The Stonehenge landscape is full of fascinating archaeology and secrets. There are Bronze Age burial mounds and ancient woodlands, together with plaques letting visitors know what they’re looking at. With everything that’s available, you could easily enjoy several hours in the area — but remember to bring wellies if it’s been raining recently!

Top Tips for Your Trip

There is plenty of parking at Stonehenge and if you have a pre-booked ticket it’s free. If you haven’t booked your ticket in advance, you’ll need to pay for parking but this will be refunded upon entry.

If you like a stroll, parking at Woodhenge Car Park will give you a nice walk up to the Visitor Centre and across the spectacular landscape. The main stone circle is accessible for wheelchair users with both a grass and tarmac path which has only a slight gradient.

Unlike many historical sites, Stonehenge has plenty to entertain even young children, with tactile displays at child eye-level, a family audio tour and child activity packs available for purchase from the shop. And of course, there’s no shortage of outside space to run, leap and jump around!

Plan Your Trip

If you don’t have a car, reaching sites such as Stonehenge can be more difficult. One day car hire in London gives you the chance to explore more places, such as Stonehenge. Use Hiyacar to rent a car from someone nearby and start planning your city escape!

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