Top 3 questions from our members

Top 3 questions from our members

Here are the top 3 questions our members ask us.

1. When will my booking be accepted?

Your booking will be accepted by the owner of the car, if you haven’t heard anything after 1 hour we can help you find an alternative car, or you can make more than one request. Payment is pre-authorised, but you can request multiple cars starting at the same time and we will only hold the money for the most expensive booking. If a booking expires or is declined the money will be released back to you straight away.

2. How can I add a second driver?

Second drivers can be added to bookings as long as they are registered members of Hiyacar and have passed our verification checks. The additional cost is £10 per day plus any additional insurance premium (if applicable). Please contact us via email at to inform us of the person you would like to add as a second driver.

3. How does QuickStart work?

With QuickStart®, your phone becomes the car key, so make sure you have the app downloaded before you go and pick up the car.

When you get to the car follow these 5 steps:

📱 Open the booking in your app

🤳 Confirm your identity with a live selfie, just so we can make sure it is you

📸 Take condition pictures of the car

️ The virtual key will now be downloaded to your phone and the car will unlock

⛽️ Take an interior picture and one of the fuel gauge

We created our help centre  to answer any questions our members may have when trying to hire a car. By listening to our members feedback our platform is continuously improving and Hiyacar is always evolving.

Charlotte Simmons

Charlotte Simmons

Community Growth Manager at Hiyacar

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