Top tips to rent out your car on hiyacar

Sergio Aguilar
Sergio Aguilar
Chief Product Officer at hiyacar
Top tips to rent out your car on hiyacar

Once you’ve listed your vehicle on hiyacar, there are quite a few things you can do to get more and more people to hire it. We’ve collated a set of recommendations based on our experience in London.

1. Share your hiyacar letters

Pop these in the letterboxes around you to let your neighbourhood know they can hire your car! Let us know if you need us to send you any by emailing us at

2. Put a hiyacar sticker on your car

You want to promote the fact that your car is available to be rented per hour or per day on hiyacar, and what a better way of doing so than using the car to advertise itself! Think of how other car sharing platforms like Zipcar do the same to make their cars easily identifiable. The difference is that, while these traditional car clubs and rent a car companies own their fleet, hiyacar doesn’t own any vehicles, our members do! If you want us to send you some stickers, please drop us a line at

3. Check your pricing

Attract your first handful of hirers by reducing your price significantly. Once they’ve left you positive reviews our community will see them and you’ll see more requests come flying in. As a peer to peer car rental platform, ratings & reviews are absolutely important to develop a trusted user profile. Think of hiyacar as ‘the Airbnb of cars’, and how important competitive pricing and reviews are for Airbnb owners.

4. Update your calendar

Have you added your car’s availability? Use your calendar to let hirers know when they can rent your car. Keeping your calendar up to date will ensure that you only receive hire requests that you can accept, making you a reliable car owner for the community.

5. Upload some nice pictures of your car

Having good quality car images will definitely help you receive more car hires, as drivers will have a clear and visual idea of what they’re getting. Likewise, make sure you have a friendly profile picture. You want to look trustworthy to the community, as you would expect from the drivers that hire your car! As we mentioned before, hiyacar is a peer to peer car rental platform, not just a rent a car service.

6. Keep a high response rate

Like on Airbnb and other marketplaces, drivers can see your response rate on your car listing — the more responsive you’re, the better your profile looks and the more likely you’re to get requests.

7. Get positive reviews.

Nothing like a having tons of good 5 star reviews shown on your listing!

8. Install QuickStart in your car

Once your car has been equipped with our keyless car rental technology called QuickStart, you won’t need to be present when the driver picks up and drops off your car, as they will be able to open and lock it with the hiyacar app. QuickStart cars are becoming more and more popular and have a much higher booking rate. Please contact as at and we can arrange an install for you.

Instant Book is also available for QuickStart owners: your listing will have a special badge to indicate that bookings are accepted immediately, making it more convenient for drivers, who don’t have to wait for you to confirm their requests.

9. Create your own discount codes using mates rates

Have you ever wanted to lend your car to a friend or family member but putting them on your insurance has been too much hassle? You need mates rates — it’s our new feature where you can use our groundbreaking insurance to make sharing your car with those closest to you fuss free. Check it out under the ‘Promote’ tab on your car profile.

10. Share your car listing on social media

Join our Facebook and Twitter communities — say hiya to our community and share your car listing! The more people you tell about hiyacar the more car hires you will get. If you mention us on Twitter, we promise an easy retweet :-)

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