Emergency Services Discount

Emergency Services Discount

When we heard about the lengths our front line staff were going to during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic we wanted to get involved and do our little bit to help slow the spread and protect our Key Workers. Throughout March, April, May & June we offered completely free car hire to NHS Staff, Volunteers & Emergency service staff. Read more about this in our previous blog post on putting cars to the best possible use.

By the end of June, we had given away about 5 years worth of free car hire, helping out over 300 front line heroes around London & Brighton.

Moving forwards we want to continue to support the amazing NHS and emergency services workers by offering them a discounted car when and where they want one. We’ve previously written about our pathway to sustainability and this offer needs to continue in this way. A way that makes sense as a business.

We cannot offer free car hire forever so instead we have created an offer that hopefully shows our appreciation whilst covering costs. The new discounts also allow us to offer this on a wider number of cars across our platform, so more choice for more people.

So what is the offer?

In short, it’s 30% off the rental fee for eligible cars, increasing to 50% off if the car is placed in NHS provided parking. Full details of the offer are available in our help center.

Where are they?

They’re all over London. Have a look for yourself with our new NHS offer search filter.

Right now we have around 100 cars eligible for this offer and we hope to keep increasing this.

Robert Larmour

Robert Larmour

Chief Operating Officer at Hiyacar

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