Hiyacar helps NHS workers #NipHomeSafe with Fold7

Hiyacar helps NHS workers #NipHomeSafe with Fold7

Campaign promoting free peer-to-peer car hire for NHS staff and emergency volunteers launches across London

Monday, 18th May 2020

With the easing of lockdown, London public transport is noticeably and dangerously busier. Protecting NHS staff and emergency volunteers as they travel to and from work is now more critical than ever.

In response, creative agency Fold7 offered to help promote our free service for NHS workers. The #NipHomeSafe outdoor and social media campaign sends the message that there is an easy, free and safe alternative to public transport. It will run on social media and on major outdoor sites across London near tube stations and major hospitals from Monday. The media was donated by Ocean Outdoor in a deal brokered by Miroma Outcomes and will run for two weeks.

Ryan Newey, Chief Creative Officer of Fold7 said

“It’s heart-breaking that NHS workers, who risk their lives every day, are scared to use public transport. And it’s only going to get worse. We hope this simple message will have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of the people we all need the most right now.”

Hiyacar has already provided over 1500 days of free car hire to NHS workers since lockdown started and with its QuickStart keyless technology, ensuring no human contact is necessary when picking up or dropping off cars.

Co-founder Rob Larmour said

“Fold7 are as passionate about protecting those who protect us as we are, quickly turning around a brilliant campaign at this critical moment. We hope the message will reach NHS workers struggling with their commute but also people who can share their cars to give a local NHS hero some peace of mind. If we can get a car to every NHS worker who needs one, keeping them safe and away from public transport during the crisis, that would be incredible. But we need the public’s help.”

How it works

Download the Hiyacar app. NHS workers upload their NHS ID for their discount to be applied. Hiyacar will then match-make NHS workers with cars in their area. Owners can list their cars, waiving their fees. To make cars more accessible, Hiyacar is also putting cars in hospital car parks including St Mary’s in Paddington, Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith and Queen’s Hospital in Romford .Hiyacar isn’t taking any revenue, workers only pay for their own insurance at the checkout, getting a 10% discount.

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