Hiyacar launches in Edinburgh

Hiyacar launches in Edinburgh

The car-sharing platform will launch in the Scottish capital on Saturday 29 May.

Hiyacar will be launching their car sharing platform and 20 fleet cars throughout the city on 29 May.

Typically there are two types of car-sharing platforms in the UK: car clubs and peer to peer. Car clubs have their own fleet of cars that can then be rented out to drivers. ‘Car share’, on the other hand, means paying to use a car that is owned by someone else.

Hiyacar is the only operator that offers both peer-to-peer and traditional return to base car clubs on the same platform.

After establishing 2016, they are now the longest serving peer-to-peer car sharing service still in operation in the UK. The move to Edinburgh will be the company’s first introduction outside of England, after their success in London and more recently Bristol.

In November 2020 it was announced that Keith Stark would be assisting the Scottish launch of the company. Throughout his 14 years previous experience, Stark grew Enterprise Car Club - formerly CityCarClub - into the most successful of its kind in Scotland. He was also the first to introduce electric vehicles (EV’s) into the Scottish car club fleet, operating 26 EV’s across Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Co-founder and CEO of Hiyacar Graeme Risby said:

After a succession of successful years we have big expansion plans in the coming years and Edinburgh is the perfect place to start for us.

We offer a great alternative to other car clubs in the city, helping drivers get around Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. We’re very excited to be in Scotland and hope to launch in other cities throughout the country in coming years.

Hiyacar has over 100,000 members and 1,700 cars in England. As a result of new partnerships with Toyota (UK) and other leading fleet providers, Hiyacar also recently became an CoMo UK car club operator.

More information about Hiyacar, sharing a car or hiring a fleet car can be found here.

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