Hiyacar and Alliance Asset Management partnership brings continued success

Hiyacar enjoys continual success through our partnership with AAM, Alliance Asset Management. AAM, bespoke automotive business service providers, have worked in partnership with us for a number of years, having seen great potential in Hiyacar, from its founding.

We are excited to be working closer in the future with AAM Group, and are especially excited about the appointment of the group’s new Chairman, David Murray-Hundley; who has numerous years experience in mobility and start-ups - with lots of knowledge to impart through this partnership.

The growth and longevity of both Hiyacar and AAM, the former founded in 2015 and the latter founded over 25 years ago, is testament to both the companies functional business models, profitability and leadership. Hiyacar, having seen 200% growth consistently over the past 2 years and AAM, being one of few long-standing firms in its field, highlights the inevitably successful nature of a close partnership between the two.

CEO and Co-founder of Hiyacar, Graeme Risby, says of this partnership:

Working with AAM over the past couple of years has brought nothing but success when it comes to Hiyacar’s growth. We’re incredibly excited to be continuing working with them under David Murray-Hundley’s Chairmanship.

David Murray-Hundley, Chairman of Alliance Asset Management (AAM), says of the partnership:

Having worked with Hiyacar for a number of years, AAM has been astounded with their growth, and is proud to have played a vital role in this. We’re excited to have closer involvement in the works with them, in the hopes of noteworthy mutual success.

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