Traveling with Kids in the UK: How Car Hire Can Make Family Trips Easier with

Traveling with Kids in the UK: How Car Hire Can Make Family Trips Easier with

Traveling with kids can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Hiring a car can significantly simplify your family trip and provide you with the flexibility and convenience you need. In this blog, we’ll explore how car hire can make your travel adventures in the UK with kids much easier. From comfort and convenience to cost-effectiveness and peace of mind, discover why renting a car is the perfect solution for hassle-free family travel.

Handy tip - when renting a car on you can filter cars by ‘family car’ on the website to find the right car for you.

Enhanced comfort and convenience

One of the key advantages of renting a car from hiyacar when traveling with kids is the enhanced comfort and convenience it offers. No more cramming into cramped public transport or dealing with long walks to bus stops or train stations.

Car hire also provides the convenience of door-to-door transportation. You can pick up and drop off the rental car at a location convenient to you in your neighborhood, eliminating the need to carry heavy luggage and navigate public transportation with tired kids. With a car at your disposal, you have the flexibility to travel at your own pace, making impromptu stops for bathroom breaks, snacks, or to explore unexpected attractions along the way.

Freedom to explore

Renting a car from hiyacar gives you the freedom to explore the UK’s vast array of family-friendly attractions and destinations. From theme parks and zoos to castles and museums, the country is teeming with places that will delight kids of all ages. With a car, you can easily access these attractions and plan your itinerary to suit your family’s preferences.

Peace of mind and safety

When traveling with children, safety is of utmost importance. Renting a car from hiyacar ensures that you have a reliable vehicle equipped with safety features, including airbags, seat belts, and child seat options. 

Moreover, renting a car gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have control over your transportation and can adapt your plans to accommodate your children’s needs. You can easily carry necessary supplies like snacks, drinks, and emergency items, giving you the reassurance of being prepared for any situation that may arise during your family trip.

Childseats and ISOFIX

Traveling with babies and children means you need to ensure they are safely secured in your hired vehicle. On the hiyacar website, there is the option to filter the car searches to include a car that has ‘ISOFIX’ on the seats for you to easily secure your car seat.

If you are traveling without a car seat there is the option to filter cars that include ‘car seats’ whether this is a baby seat or a child seat, making hiring a car much easier for you and your family.

Cars with ISOFIX filter

Cars with child and baby seats filter


Traveling with kids in the UK can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience with the convenience of car hire. The flexibility, comfort, and cost-effectiveness of renting a car make it an ideal choice for families. By having your own vehicle, you can explore the UK at your own pace, visit family-friendly attractions, and enjoy the freedom to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Say goodbye to the limitations of public transport and embrace the convenience and peace of mind that come with renting a car for your family adventures in the UK.

Handy tip - you can filter by ‘family car’ on the hiyacar website to find the right car for you

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  • Pick up your dream vehicle from a neighbour in your area! With the booking confirmed, simply meet the owner at the address, or head to the address if the vehicle is fitted with our keyless access QuickStart technology, confirm the vehicle’s condition, mileage and fuel, then you are ready to drive away!
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