Are you an NHS Volunteers or Emergency service staff?

The outbreak of Coronavirus has been stressful and disruptive for everyone, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all of the NHS volunteers & emergency service staff on the front line helping us through this. As a small thank you for all that you are doing for us, we would like to offer you free car hire on our platform whilst the government has a complete ban on non essential travel (and potentially longer if needed).

No catch - you just pay the insurance and we will cover the rest. We may also be able to subsidise part of your insurance fee depending on the car that is nearest to you.

If you would like to take us up on this offer, please get in touch by phone, LiveChat or email and a member of the team will be happy to help get you on the road.

To speed things up with your registration and finding you a car, please:

  1. Sign up as a driver & submit your licence details, address, selfie, occupation, and mobile number. You can do this by downloading the app or signing up on our website here. You must be eligible to drive on hiyacar to get this offer.

  2. Go on our Live Chat and let us know that you are a key worker.

    • If you are an NHS worker, please submit a photo of your badge

    • If you are an NHS volunteer or other non-NHS Emergency service staff (i.e Firefighter, police constable, etc.), please submit the key worker letter your employer has written or a photo ID work badge.

  3. If you have a parking space near your house, please do let us know - we could move the car closer to your home.

  4. If you need a car near the hospital where you work, or have been relocated to isolate from your family, do let us know what is the address you are currently residing at.

So far we've provided over ... days of bookings to NHS or emergency service staff & volunteers

Are you a car owner? We need your help!

If you have a car and you are not a key worker, your car is probably sitting idle waiting for better days! Join other local owners that have decided to give out their car for free or at a discounted rate to local NHS staff to help them get safely to work during the lockdown.

Contact us via LiveChat so we can set this up for you and pair you with local drivers.

Are you a key worker but not an emergency worker?

We initially wanted to offer our cars to any key worker, but as the demand for our cars surged and our supply is getting low, we have decided to first prioritise NHS & emergency staff and volunteers. Should we get more local owners to offer their cars, we will let you know!

Avoiding public transport when going shopping for essentials?

Do you need to go shopping for essentials such as food and medication, but want to avoid public transport? Our Quickstart cars have keyless entry and are available on Instant book. That means it requires zero social interaction!

  • Most of our QuickStart cars have been equipped with disinfectant spray and wipes. 

  • Using QuickStart means you don't need to meet the owner, the process is entirely on your phone, you can download a virtual key and drive away contact free. 

  • All of our private owners have been asked to supply disinfectant wipes or hand sanitiser in their cars for drivers to use, but please be careful and keep washing your hands before and after your hire!

I want to help, but I’m not sure how! 

Do you have a licence and can run errands for neighbours that are self-isolating?

Join a local Mutual Aid group or post on Nextdoor to let your neighbours know that you would like to help.

Do you have a parking space near a hospital?

You can help patients and staff by listing it on Justpark or YourParkingSpace. More details here and here

I can't drive or I am not eligible to your service, but I want to avoid public transportation

If you cannot drive, are not eligible due to age or having a foreign licence, you might find this service useful

Zeelo, a UK bus shuttle startup has set up a service for critical workers. You can contact them and check their service via this link:

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