4 Top Eco-Travel Tips

Sustainable travel is all about making simple choices that will help lessen your impact on the environment. We understand that it is one thing to want to be more eco-friendly but it can sometimes be quite difficult to put it into action.


That’s why we’ve put together for you some of our Top Eco-Travel Tips to help you on your way to becoming more environmentally conscious on your next trip away! These practical tips are simple and easy to implement wherever you go — whether you’re going on a trip to the countryside or for a short-break to the city, you can have a great time while also protecting the environment.

1. Eat and Drink Local

Buy local produce when you travel and reduce the amount of air miles in your food. This not only benefits the environment but also helps support the local economy. Plus you get the added benefit of fresher, better tasting food! Let your taste buds be adventurous and dine in places using local produce — it’s carbon-friendly!

Image by Dick McLeish

2. Take a Reusable Bottle/Bag

Stay hydrated and bring along your own BPA-free water bottle that you can refill again and again. In doing so you massively reduce the amount of plastic waste that can take more than a lifetime to decompose! Did you know plastic bags can take between 10–1000 years to decompose? Go green and take a reusable bag with you when you go shopping at your destination.

3. Rent a Hybrid/Electric HiyaCar 🚙

Nissan Leaf

Travel eco-friendly and rent a hybrid or an electric car like Jonathan’s Nissan Leaf. You will help lessen the amount of harmful emissions released into the environment, improve local air quality and reduce the level of noise pollution. And don’t worry, if you’re new to the world of electric cars take a look at Zap Map to help you locate charge points along your journey.

4. Choose eco-friendly accommodation

The tourism industry has really upped its eco-game where you can now find many eco-friendly hotels all around the UK. Look for seals of approval such as the Green Tourism Business Scheme to help you find great environmentally-friendly accommodation. If you’re looking for a luxury weekend away, you will be amazed at these beautiful eco-friendly lodges — check out this bohemian-inspired Sundance lodge located on the stunning coast of Cornwall.

Image by Marina del Castell

Tread lightly when you next travel and the environment will thank you! 🌍

We’d love to hear if you have any eco-travel tips so please share them with us in the comments below! 😃

Jessica Holder

Jessica Holder

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