Big news: hiyacar Android app has been fully revamped

Sergio Aguilar
Sergio Aguilar
Chief Product Officer at hiyacar
Big news: hiyacar Android app has been fully revamped

As an Android user I couldn’t wait to see this release out — great news for all our drivers and car owners in London that use this operating system. Huge team effort and huge update to hiyacar’s Android app, which includes:

  • New branding applied across the board, even to a further extent that we recently did for iOS.
  • QuickStart cars are now much easier to find — look out for them!
  • We’ve also improved the QuickStart process itself, making the car pick-up and drop-off steps clearer.
  • The verification process for drivers is now smother and includes tricks like a new driving licence scanner.
  • Booking a car is even easier thanks to improvements such as the integration of a payment card scanner too.
  • We’ve massively improved the availability calendar for car owners, as well as the car listing process.

There are many things that we’ve had to left aside, just because we wanted to get the new app live as soon as possible. Multiple improvements to Android are coming soon, so stay tuned :-)

Hiyacar is the smarter way to hire cars in London. If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the hiyacar Android app.

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