New sign-up & on-boarding for Hiyacar drivers

New sign-up & on-boarding for Hiyacar drivers

We’ve released a brand new sign up and on-boarding user flow for our drivers, available for our iOS and Android apps. We’re trying to make the verification process as slick and quick as possible. If you think of the hassle and paperwork involved in traditional car hire, what Hiyacar is doing here is simply game changing. We want you to be able to sign-up and hiya a car within minutes — perhaps we’re not 100% there just yet, but we’re getting closer and closer.

The update includes:

New first screen. The first screen of the app has now a clearer call to action to ‘join’, rather than ‘login’, to make it easier for new members.

New first screen

Sign-up. You can literally create a Hiyacar account by entering your email and password. Just 2 fields!

On-boarding tutorial. We’ve introduced a carousel of tutorial screens to explain to new members what sort of verification we need to do, up front. In summary, and because we don’t have public offices as traditional car rental companies, we need you to submit your driving licence (either UK or EU) and a selfie to confirm your identity and eligibility to drive.

Onboarding tutorial

Driving licence scanner. If you hold a UK licence, you can scan it and the app pre-populates all your details automatically. No more typing needed! Sometimes the scanner makes mistakes though, so we do ask you to double check those details.

Licence scanner

Selfie verification. Before we used to ask drivers to take a selfie holding their driving licence, and also to add their profile picture. Now we just ask to take a selfie, which we use as your profile picture.

Selfie Verification

EU licences. We’ve also simplified the on-boarding for drivers with EU licences, integrating the questions that we used to ask via email into the flow, making it easier for everyone.

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Sergio Aguilar

Sergio Aguilar

Chief Product Officer at Hiyacar

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