New Partnership Alert - Hyperjar are giving Hiyacar customers £10 CREDIT!

New Partnership Alert - Hyperjar are giving Hiyacar customers £10 CREDIT!

New year, new ways to save money! We’ve teamed up with Hyperjar to give you £10 off your next car hire. What exactly is Hyperjar, you may ask? We asked the experts to explain it first-hand.

What is HyperJar and why do I need it?

HyperJar is a free money management app with its own smart debit card that helps you to ‘Spend Life Better’. HyperJar offers a brilliant way to organise your everyday spending, helping you plan for longer term expenses and rewarding you for showing loyalty to your favourite shops and brands.


What is needed to sign up?

It’s super simple and there is no credit check - Just download HyperJar from Google Play or the App Store and follow the sign-up screens, it’ll take a minute or two at most. You’ll need to enter the typical information required to open an account like this, including your name, address, email and date of birth.

Am I required to change banks?

No – HyperJar is meant to be used alongside your bank account. Let your bank handle your salary, standing orders and direct debits, and use HyperJar for everything else!

How do I know that my money is safe?

  • Every penny paid into your HyperJar account is kept safely at the Bank of England until it’s spent.

  • You can freeze or unfreeze your HyperJar card at any time from the app.

  • HyperJar uses bank grade 256-bit encryption to keep your data and money safe.

What are the top three features?

  1. See, organise and control your money better than ever, using virtual Jars to divide your budget according to where you’re going to spend it – on everyday expenses, or for longer term saving up. Link your HyperJar card to any Jar to spend from it directly.

  2. Get a 4.8% Annual Growth Rate on every penny you commit ahead of spending with HyperJar partners featured in the app, like hiyacar.

  3. Share any Jar with other HyperJar customers to create instant, pop-up digital kitties for joint household expenses, group holidays, nights out, and more.

Am I eligible for other offers from HyperJar’s partner brands?

There’s a mix of exclusive offers, cashback, as well as our headline 4.8% AGR reward available to all HyperJar customers – check them out from the Shops tab in the app.

What’s the best thing about HyperJar

You’ll feel more confident and in control of your money, however much you’ve got.

So how do you claim your £10 Hiyacar credit? It’s easy! Simply download the HyperJar app and order your card. Your Hiyacar jar will be filled with £10 so you can spend it and zoom away in one of our cars!

Heather Moradeyo

Heather Moradeyo

Marketing Associate at Hiyacar

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