5 spooky Halloween road trips

Halloween is just around the corner if you fancy taking a spooky road trip, here are 5 places you could go…if you are brave enough!

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon


Every year, people from all over the UK take trips to the beautiful beaches in Devon. However, if you are looking to do something a bit different on your next trip to Devon you could visit Berry Pomeroy Castle near Totness. The infamous White Lady and Blue lady are regularly seen by visitors who have reported sightings. The Blue Lady is said to haunt the tower and the White lady haunts the dungeons.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Village of Pluckley


Apparently, Pluckley Village is the most haunted village in Britain (It was given this name in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989) it is just outside of Ashford and has 12–16 different ghosts who haunt the village! If you take a trip to Pluckley keep an eye out for the screaming man and the Watercress Woman who supposedly burnt to death by accidentally setting herself alight.

Village of Pluckley

Platt Lane, Lancashire


Platt Lane is one of the most haunted roads in the UK. Close to Platt Lane is the site of the Pretoria pit disaster which is where an explosion killed 350 people. Many people who have driven past Platt Lane have reported seeing eyes in the hedges and ghostly miners walking down the road.

Platt Lane

Blue Bell Hill, A229


In 1965 on the 19th November, a young bride-to-be was killed on the eve of her wedding. She was returning from her hen party and ended up in a car accident which killed herself and two of her friends. Apparently, there have been over 50 sightings of a young bride on the side of the road. In 1992 three drivers reported hitting someone who ran into the road but there was no evidence to be found.

The Tower Of London


The Tower Of London is renowned for its paranormal activity. The Wakefield Tower is thought to be haunted by Henry VI and the White Tower is apparently haunted by the White Lady whose perfume lingers around the tower and has been known to make some of the guards sick.

The Tower of London

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