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Driving in London

Driving into London or around London can be daunting, but as long as you’re in the know, with a few deep breaths you’ll wonder why you ever worried.

Motorway driving tips

Driving on the motorway can be a daunting task, but we’ve come up with some handy motorway driving tips to get you safely on your way.

Free insurance on hourly hires

Take advantage of hourly hires in August and get a full refund on the insurance 🚙

What is car sharing?

To say that car sharing is on the up is an understatement — particularly in larger cities (such as London, where you’re charged just for using your car) the trend is booming,...

Some Of The Best Day Trips From London By Car

Whether it’s a London one day trip you’re looking for or whether you’re looking to spend the night somewhere other than the Big Smoke, there are loads of options for...

Enjoy the heatwave in style ☀️

Many of the car owners on our platform have beautiful convertible cars that are sitting idle on their driveways waiting to be driven. Whether you need a car for a...

Lend your car to a friend and avoid expensive daily insurance

At hiyacar, we’re on a mission to make communities smarter and wealthier by changing the way we think about cars. Furthermore, we want car owners to be able to lend their...

hiyacar is launching in Brighton

Become an early adopter and join the car-sharing movement in Brighton driven by the community.

Gabi’s Fiat 500

Yesterday I took Gabi’s stylish Fiat 500 out for a spin. I’m a massive fan of quirky cars (I used to have VW Beetle before I needed a bigger car)...

Lorenzo's family trip to Richmond Park

2 years ago, Lorenzo and his family made the decision to sell their car and test out different ways of travelling to see if they could save money by not...

A few tips from Uzair

Here are a few tips from Uzair, one of our top car owners 🚙