10 road safety tips 🚙

Charlotte Simmons
Charlotte Simmons
Community Growth Manager at hiyacar
10 road safety tips 🚙

You make sure your car has an MOT every year (if the car is 3-years and older) to ensure the overall safety of your car, but are you doing everything possible to stay safe while driving on the road? There are a few basic, but potentially life-saving tips you can follow for safer journeys and here’s our top 10:

  1. As you’ll probably already know, you must wear your seatbelt by law whether you’re sat in the front or the back of a vehicle. This is there to help save your life in the event of a collision, so please wear it at all times.

  2. If you have children, specifically if they’re under 135cm tall or under 12-years of age, a car seat must be used. Car seats are designed to protect young children from serious injury should they be involved in a road traffic collision. Check seats are fitted correctly ahead of any journey. ISOFIX technology is also a real safety bonus if you have children. Many modern cars come fully equipped, but if your family car is slightly older it may well be worth looking at getting an ISOFIX. 👫

  3. Do you best to take away all distractions inside the car. This will help you to concentrate better on driving. It’s illegal to use your mobile phone while driving. 📱

  4. Think about your overall response times. Don’t drink and drive or be under any influence whatsoever and avoid driving when you’re overly tired. 💤 The current legal limit for alcohol is:

Acohol limits

But really it would be wise to just avoid drinking at all if you’re know you’ll be driving shortly afterwards. Be honest about how tired you are; tiredness can kill. Make sure you plan in regular stops if on a particularly long journey.

  1. Observe and anticipate other road users. Naturally, we’re not all Mystic Meg and we’re guessing even she couldn’t predict some of the bizarre actions we see on the roads every day but try to be observant as possible and anticipate where you can. 👀

  2. Make sure you’re using all your signals and that all your lights (including headlights) are in full working order. As with you, other drivers cannot magically predict that you’re going full circle round that roundabout. 💡

  3. Be sure to stick to speed limits set. They’re there for a reason. In particular in residential areas and anywhere built-up with parked cars and the like.

  4. Be very aware of your surroundings. Pedestrians, children, in particular, can act impulsively so take care in built-up areas, at crossings and be aware of people perhaps wearing darker clothing at night. 🚸

  5. Be sure to keep a sensible distance of around two seconds between you and the car in front of you. If someone cuts in just adjust your distance again. Work to four seconds if in poor weather conditions. 🚙

  6. Take extra care when performing any manoeuvring, such as reversing off your driveway onto the main road. Remember those blind spot checks!

If you’re looking to put these tips into practice, take a look at the cars we have available to rent.

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