Our purpose is to connect car owners and drivers in their local community to hire cars. Can we tell you a secret? No one at hiyacar HQ joined because they love car hire. Most of the team have no strong feelings towards car hire at all. But what does get us out of bed in the morning is connecting people in their local communities and, by doing this, changing mobility for the better.

By talking, and more importantly, listening to our members we have heard how drivers are looking for everyday cars for everyday use. Trips to the shops, running errands and days with friends. City / hatchbacks that won’t break the bank for drivers but will give the owner some extra income on something that costs them a fortune and hardly ever moves.  We’re always improving and making hiyacar better to make sure we can connect as many people as possible. The great thing about car sharing is that it’s completely sustainable.

Our first ever car hire was February 2016 and it was our co-founder Graeme’s car. Since then, 65,000 people have joined our car sharing movement with over 2,500 true peer to peer cars being shared. This is only the beginning and to make connections as hassle free and secure as possible our clever team have developed some incredibly smart things like QuickStart for example. These tiny boxes can be installed into 95% of all cars, they give more flexibility to our community as the car owners don’t need to be there at pick up if they don’t want to. We also take member verification very seriously with seven different checks including facial recognition.

Even when raising investment we wanted to keep it in the community and have had several successful crowdfunding campaigns. Our most recent raise though came from ITOCHU who are the owners of Kwik Fit. This collaboration all centered around working closely together in a partnership designed to give more options in car care to our owners and peace of mind to our drivers.

Our team has grown from just our co-founders, Graeme and Rob, to quickly approaching 30 people. We’re London based but a diverse bunch. We believe wholeheartedly that we don’t need to add more cars to the streets, we simply need to share the ones we already have. If you own a car, then share it. If you don’t own a car, then hire from a real person local to you.