Car fiend Graeme worked long hours in the City and knew his car cost him money just to sit on his drive, doing nothing. Not so much an asset, more of a liability.

With the help of e-commerce expert Rob, the pair realised that a car-sharing app (an ‘AirBnB for cars’) might offer a smarter, more environmentally friendly way for people in Britain to hire the 10 million cars rented here every year.

The pair began work in August 2014, and it soon became clear that the obstacle to unlocking the value in people’s cars was simple: the keys, and the time it took to hand them over.

The team worked on an app-controlled box which allowed users to unlock cars direct from the app. The QuickStart® box was born.

Rob and Graeme hired their first employee in 2016, and have watched hiyacar evolve into a friendly, living community, and a company of 16 people. hiyacar still puts people first - and unlike others we were born and bred in Britain.

Each hiyacar shared could take the equivalent of 11 vehicles off the road. People are getting to know their neighbours, too. Hiya Owners add personal touches, such as putting ribbons on a car for a wedding. It’s a new way to drive, and something we’re very proud of.