Benefits of Joining 

Teviot Electric Car Club offers an affordable solution for travel around Hawick, Kelso and the surrounding Scottish borders region. In partnership with peer-to-peer car rental platform, hiyacar, whose QuickStart keyless technology has made over 50,000 bookings run smoothly and safely, joining TECC is quick and easy… and you could drive off within the hour!

Access to green transport solutions are important, and that’s what TECC offers the Hawick community, the opportunity for affordable access to electric vehicles, for journeys from an hour, up to trips of 10 days. 

Booking and using our EVs is simple, with flexible, hourly bookings - great for those after a vehicle to use for the weekly shop, daily - perfect for visiting friends out of town or weekly - ideal for longer trips around Scotland and the rest of the UK.

How to Join

Joining is simple, TECC welcomes drivers over the age of 23 years, with at least a year’s driving experience - check out our terms and conditions and insurance requirements, to ensure you qualify for membership beforehand. Then, the process is just -

  1. Click the 'Join now' link at the bottom of this page, to create a hiyacar account.

  2. Tap on your profile and follow the simple steps to become a verified driver (you’ll need your driving licence handy).

  3. After being verified by the hiyacar automated authentication technology, you’re ready to car share with TECC.

Keyless Contact-Free Ecar Pick-up

Hiyacar’s keyless QuickStart technology is used in both of our vehicles, meaning you can unlock the cars via the hiyacar app on your smartphone, and drive away in minutes! 

This QuickStart technology means no “in person” key handovers, just stand by the driver’s side of the car and press unlock on the hiyacar app, so you run errands, visit friends and family or get away from town for a while, in just minutes!  

Electric Car Share Community 

Not only will you get access to our two comfortable, affordable electric vehicles, along with community-based car hire, comes a sense of community. Check out the TECC forum for discussions about what others in the area have been using the cars for, and any tips and tricks they share!

Our Electric Cars 

After this simple process and upon becoming a TECC member, you’ll have access to our two electric cars - 

Nissan Leaf

Arguably the most well-known Ecar on the market, TECC’s Nissan Leaf is a member favourite, found by many to be a ‘smooth family drive’, ‘responsive’ and ‘comfortable’, this is the perfect EV for family days out in the Borders, or even just for taking home a large grocery shop!


BMW i3

Many of our members find our BMW i3 to be a ‘smooth ride’ with ‘economical battery power’ and an all-round ‘excellent car’ - we’re very excited to offer this car for use by our members. 

This high-performance battery car is wholly fitting of Teviot Electric Car Club’s green ethos, proudly manufactured with renewable hydroelectric energy, producing ZERO driving emissions.


Affordable Electric Car Hire in Hawick

As a Teviot Electric Car Club member, renting one of our electric vehicles through the hiyacar platform will make travelling around the local area cheap and easily accessible. 

Renting a TECC electric car costs members only £3 per hour (plus insurance) or only £24 per day (plus insurance)!

Not only is joining a car club better for the environment - meaning less individual car ownership, it’s also a great way to have access to vehicles, without having to pay for road tax, MOTs or other car maintenance costs. For just the £25 per year Teviot Electric Car Club membership fee and the minimal cost of rental through the hiyacar app, you’ll save a fortune, and be able to get where you need to go!

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