Hiyacar is your alternative to other car clubs, offering flexible car hire across the UK

We make daily car hire affordable and convenient. Many of our members hire a car for one or several days to go outside the city for the weekend, visit friends or family, go shopping, etc. Peer to peer car-sharing is also a great mobility option for the summer and holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter.

Providing drivers with daily or hourly car rental, Hiyacar is the best alternative to Zipcar and other UK car clubs. You can book a car for only a few hours, which can be perfect for business trips, meetings and any kind of short trip. If you are looking for an hourly vehicle hire, we recommend that you search for cars that have QuickStart and Instant Book enabled.

Our QuickStart technology allows drivers to unlock and lock the car they’ve booked by simply using our app, available for both iOS and Android. No keys are required. This means that you don’t even need to meet the car owner to pick-up the car and drop it off, simplifying the whole process. Instant Book means that your booking will be automatically accepted, not having to wait for the car owner to reply to your request. You can find a car near you, book it and start driving within minutes.

Get verified

Forget about the hassle of car clubs and traditional car rental companies. Our team will quickly verify your driving licence and details, you just need to follow the steps using our car-sharing app. Our comprehensive insurance policy ensures that all parties are protected.

Daily and hourly car rental near you

There are hundreds of cars ready for rental in London. Whether you need a car for just a few hours, a day or a week, we’ve got you covered. Hiyacar is a flexible and innovative solution for Londoners.

Look out for QuickStart and Instant Book cars

If you want to rent a car on an hourly basis, look for the cars with the QuickStart and Instant Book badges. These cars are available on demand and can be locked and unlocked using the Hiyacar app.

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