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My cars are all fitted with quick start so you can access it easily through the app. This also means I can accept your hire immediately and you don't need to speak to anyone !!.

Please take care of the car and leave it clean as you would wish to find it, there may be a fee if it ret...

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Pritam K 20 Feb 20
"This was my first Hiyacar experience and I was very pleasantly surprised as to how smooth it all was. From booking to picking up the car and using the Hiyacar app to unlock/lock the car, it was all a very easy process. Lee is an extremely friendly and helpful person, and was very quick to respond to any and all of my queries from before the hire and during the hire. The car was clean and well maintained. I can't see myself ever needing the 'conventional' car hire companies. I literally have no gripes or qualms and would suggest if you have need of the car Lee provides, use him. "


Bruce L 22 Nov 19


Ahmad K 04 Nov 19