Executive / Saloon
Sports / Convertible
City / Hatchback
Family / MPV
Fuel included
Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
Air con / climate control
Bluetooth / Handsfree
Sat Nav
Leather interior
Heated seats
Large Boot
Roof Rack
Bike Rack
Pet Friendly
Delivery Available
Dedicated Parking Space
ULEZ Compliant
No Stickers
No congestion charge
Autopay Ready
Baby Seat
Child Seat
150 mi/day +
300 mi/day +
500 mi/day +

Rent a Mercedes in London

Renting a Mercedes Benz couldn’t be any easier - we have a wide range of models available to hire across London, with no hidden fees and no deposit necessary. Mercedes are suitable for any journey, from business travel to a weekend getaway so look no further to find your ideal car rental. From the A Class, C Class , E Class and more, we’ve got endless options to choose from. Find out more about Mercedes car hire below.

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Mercedes GLC AMG
Mercedes GLC AMG
Mercedes A-Class
Mercedes CLA AMG
Mercedes CLA AMG
Mercedes A-Class
Mercedes A-Class
Mercedes GLA AMG
Mercedes A-Class
Mercedes CLA AMG
Mercedes E-Class AMG
Mercedes A-Class
Mercedes CLA AMG
Mercedes A-Class
Mercedes CLA AMG
Mercedes GLC AMG
Mercedes GLA AMG
Mercedes A-Class AMG
Mercedes C-Class
Mercedes A-Class
Mercedes C-Class
Mercedes C-Class
Mercedes C-Class AMG
Mercedes GLA

Mercedes car hire with hiyacar: how it works

It's very simple to book a Mercedes hire car in London! All you have to do is:

Create an account You'll have to register with us and complete a profile with some information - this does include a driver's license!

Search for a car Enter London into the search bar, as well as the ideal times for you to pick up and drop off the vehicle. You'll then be able to see all the cars in your local area that are available to share with you. From there you can also filter these options down by transmission and by vehicle type.

Make a booking request Once you've found the vehicle you're looking for, select it and review the associated costs. With that you make your payment at the checkout and wait to hear from the vehicle's owner who'll give you confirmation.

Pick up your car from a neighbour in London! With the booking confirmed, simply meet the owner at the address, confirm the car's condition, mileage and fuel, then you are ready to drive away!

Why choose a Mercedes car rental?

Mercedes and innovation almost go hand in hand. The technology they pioneer creates new standards in vehicle design, with extremely high levels of quality. Since the company first began business at the start of the last century, their reputation has always been one of quality and durability.

A household name in all corners of the globe, Mercedes-Benz have been influential across most areas of the car manufacturing sector. For example, crumple-zones, anti-lock brakes and traction control, were all pioneered by Mercedes and are now used throughout the industry. At the apex of engineering, the brand has been extremely successful within motor-sports as well, fielding teams at Formula One, DTM, and Formula Three. The success and learnings taken from the racing scene filters down into their road cars, with vehicles such as the Mercedes SL providing a sporty drive with exquisite handling to match.

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