A car sharing scheme for residents, commuters and visitors of St Andrews to tackle vehicle congestion in our streets and curb greenhouse gas emissions.  

Go St Andrews Car Club gives drivers an affordable, convenient and safe way to share vehicles.

You can either list your own vehicle in the network to make money off your motor when you aren't using it or join as a user to rent local vehicles when you need them. Rent cars by the hour or the day. 

Check out our first recently launched vehicle, already out on the road, getting St Andrews drivers where they need to go.

List your vehicle

Add your own car to the network of locally available vehicles and make money off your motor, whilst helping local drivers to get around more sustainably. 

Share your car via Hiyacar with free sign up and no subscription fees.

List your car

Rent a vehicle

Need access to a car on an ad hoc basis? Sign up to Hiyacar for free and rent local vehicles by the hour or the day.

Hire a car

How do I become a part of Go St Andrews Car Club

To rent a vehicle

Go St Andrews Car Club is open to drivers from 21 years old (please note: drivers 21 - 24 years old must hold a clean licence plus at least 24 months driving history. Drivers aged 25 - 75 years and older must have at least 12 months driving history. See Hiyacar’s Membership Criteria, for more information.

Follow these three simple steps:

  • Get the Hiyacar App (available on iOS and Android) and create a Hiyacar account.

  • Tap on your profile and follow the steps to become a verified driver (you’ll need your driving licence handy).

  • After being verified by Hiyacar’s automated authentication technology, you’re ready to car share with Go St Andrews Car Club.

To list your vehicle

Follow these three simple steps:

  • Head to the ‘list your car’ page.

  • Input your car registration number and sign up for a Hiyacar account.

  • Don't forget to mention via Live Chat (or during your onboarding call, if you opt for one), that you’re looking to become a Go St Andrews Car Club member and that you’re interested in the QuickStart keyless technology offer.

For more information on QuickStart and the promotion please see the FAQ below.

Go St Andrews Car Club FAQ

What if I still need to use my vehicle occasionally?

Not a problem! You are in control of your car’s availability calendar, meaning that if you require use of it on weekends, specific weekdays or otherwise, you can set its availability yourself. 

How much extra could I make from sharing my car?

In the current cost of living crisis, we’re all looking for an easy, convenient way to make a little extra money, to offset the rising costs of bills. Sharing your car through Hiyacar with local St Andrews drivers is going to help with this.

Depending on your vehicle type and the car’s availability, Hiyacar car sharers across the UK have seen an average of £200 - £300 per month, from sharing their car.

How much commitment is involved in sharing my vehicle?

There are a number of options you can choose from to have your car sharing experience suit your needs. For example, opting to have Hiyacar's keyless car access technology, QuickStart, installed in your car will take away the need for in-person key handover. 

St Andrews Car

QuickStart FAQ

QuickStart Image

What is QuickStart? 

Hiyacar’s QuickStart keyless car access technology is an easily-installed keyless entry solution, allowing verified drivers to lock, unlock and start your car using the Hiyacar app. This means you can rent out your car at times of the day, or night, when you aren't available to hand over the keys.

Rest assured, this technology is easily removed, and does not affect your car’s warranty. 

Having to pass through live facial recognition technology and submit condition photos of the vehicle, this entry technology process is much safer than a key handover, with the permissions able to be revoked by Hiyacar at any time remotely, if needed.

Vehicles with QuickStart installed tend to see a much higher number of bookings than those without. Find out more information here.

Limited Time Offers

FREE QuickStart for the first 10 cars in the Go St Andrews Car Club 

To help get St Andrews moving, Go St Andrews Car Club are offering the first ten eligible vehicles registered, free installation of QuickStart, Hiyacar’s keyless technology, worth £150.

To receive this offer you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Vehicle must be located within the KY16 postcode. 

  • Vehicle must be kept on the Hiyacar platform for a minimum of three months.

  • Vehicle must be available to be booked for an average of 24 hours per week. 

  • The owner must accept at least 50% of booking requests made during times when the vehicle is set as available. 

If you fail to meet these criteria, or choose to leave the Go St Andrews Car Club before meeting these criteria, you will be charged £150 for the installation of the QuickStart technology. 

Got a discount code for £10 off your first ride? Use the discount code when signing up to the Go St Andrews Car Club and £10 will be deducted from the overall fee of your booking.

Terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Valid only on first time bookings.

  • Code cannot be applied to bookings already made.

  • Valid on bookings of any duration - 1hr to 10 days.

  • £10 off rental price ONLY - not applied to insurance & booking fee.

  • Code expires 1st December 2023.