London is particularly notorious when it comes to parking difficulties, with the city regularly listed as one of the priciest places to park in the world. Owning a car is expensive enough without the added costs of parking and the threat of parking fines.

So, if you want your parking experience to be as easy as possible, where exactly are the best places to go?

hiyacar have submitted freedom of information requests to every London borough council in order to find out just that. We want to make driving as simple and enjoyable as possible, which includes helping drivers find the best places to park their cars. To do this, we’ve carried out research into the parking charges, number of parking fines and number of blue badge spaces in each local authority area, in order to uncover the best (and worst) council-owned car parks in London.

Please note, this study is based on data we collected. Though we sent out requests to every borough council, some weren’t able to provide the information we requested. These councils are represented with a “not able to provide” on the tables, and haven’t been taken into account during our analysis.

Car Parking in London