What we did during Lockdown

During the first lockdown in 2020, we were committed to helping as many NHS workers as possible as they were doing an impossible job in unknown (and very scary) circumstances. Throughout March, April, May and June we offered completely free car hire to NHS staff so they had peace of mind that they had access to a clean, safe mode of transport whenever they needed one. By the end of June, we had given away 5 years worth of free car hire, putting our members' cars to the best possible use in London and Brighton.

If we could do free car hire forever, we would, especially for such an amazing cause, but instead of giving one-off grand gestures, we want to provide an offer for the long term. One that is sustainable and can be offered forever on a wider range of cars. This way more people can benefit.

Get involved as a Driver

Now we are offering a 15% discount off the rental fee on all car club cars (look for the NHS badge on the car listing) for NHS workers across London and Bristol with more locations being added soon.

Around 200 cars are currently included in this offer and that number will only continue to grow. The cars will range from small city cars like Toyota Yaris Hybrids, hatchbacks such as Peugeot 208s and larger SUV's as well.

To register as an NHS worker, just reach out to us on live chat, phone or email and one of the team will set your account up so you can make the most of your discount.

Get involved as an owner

This offer is not just restricted to car club cars, peer to peer owners can also be part of this initiative. Just reach out and let us know that would like to offer your car at the NHS staff discount rate and we can set that up.

With this initiative, we’ll ensure any booking by registered NHS staff is subject to the 15% discount, to be applied before we take our commission.

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